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To Keep Your Practice Top of Mind, Keep Your Patients Informed

Highlights:  Keeping patients informed through educational blog posts does more than keep your practice top of mind (though it does that, too). A quality blog builds trust in your practice and drives increased traffic to your site. Posting regularly and promoting the blog through email and social media can retain existing customers and gain new […]

How A Template for SOAP Notes Saves Time with Chirotouch

Highlights: ChiroTouch lets chiropractors chart patient visits in real time in just 15 seconds. Customizable macros do most of the charting work with just a few clicks. SOAP note templates are just one part of ChiroTouch’s integrated chiropractic practice management software that streamlines the flow of patient information from check-in to check-out. ChiroTouch lets chiropractors […]

Increase Profits with Practice Management Software for Chiropractors

Highlights Cloud-based chiropractic practice management software streamlines your practice’s workflow with automated features and complete integration. Features like automatic appointment reminders, auto-coded insurance, and simplified billing improve your practice’s cash flow and boost revenue. Better practice management lets you spend more time treating patients, improving their care and your practice’s reputation. The right chiropractic EHR […]

How to Transition to a Cloud Based Chiropractic Software

Highlights A paperless EHR can modernize your chiropractic practice and help you improve patient experience and profitability.  When switching to chiropractic EHR software, look for cloud based chiropractic software and is designed especially for chiropractic practices.  ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software and offers multimodal support and training for practices transitioning to a cloud-based […]

6 Best Practices for Keeping Chiropractic Patients on the Calendar

Highlights This article discusses 6 best practices for encouraging your patients to continue their chiropractic care: Begin retention efforts from day one. Use online scheduling.  Send automated reminders and messages. Create a comfortable environment. Ask for patient feedback and testimonials.  Use quality chiropractic practice management software. Patient retention strategies are important not only to your […]

Tips for Adapting to a More Digital Chiropractic Practice

Highlights:    The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in chiropractic care. Practices will need to adapt to patients who want digital conveniences like online appointment scheduling and advanced electronic payment options. Automated features can help practices save time and streamline their processes. ChiroTouch is the best chiropractic practice management software and chiropractic EHR […]

How Automated Exercise Programs Can Boost Patient Retention

Highlights:  Exercise helps patients with both chronic health conditions and injuries to recover better and have less pain. Sending automated exercise programs to chiropractic patients through email can make chiropractic visits more effective. Patients will sense that treatment is working and want to continue. Chiropractic care is important for correcting imbalances in the body’s functions […]

Keeping In Touch: Getting Patients to Come Back Post-COVID

Highlights: 92% of chiropractic practices have seen a decline in patients during the pandemic due to fear of being infected.  92% of practices report patients having more chronic pain related to working from home and stay-at-home orders. Practices can be proactive about getting patients to return to appointments.  Alternative methods of care, like telehealth, can […]

How to Streamline Your Patient Check-in Process with CTSign-In and Front Desk

Highlights: ChiroTouch’s chiropractic practice management software simplifies the patient registration process with self-check-in and three sign-in options. CTSign-In works seamlessly with Front Desk to provide access to the patient’s entire chiropractic EHR. Together, CTSign-In and Front Desk create a streamlined information flow that is immediately available to all users in the practice: front desk staff, […]

Top 6 Reasons Patients Leave Their Chiropractors

Highlights   Chiropractic patient retention is essential to your practice’s growth and success. Patients leave their chiropractors for several reasons, including long wait times, poor communication, and lack of technological services. Patients also cite perceived lack of results and surprise bills as reasons for switching chiropractors. ChiroTouch, a completely integrated chiropractic EHR system, supports chiropractic patient […]

How Chiropractic Spinal Nerve Charts Can Improve Treatments

Chiropractic spinal nerve charts are an excellent education and retention tool for your chiropractic practice. A nerve chart can help you illustrate how spinal nerves affect nerves in other parts of the body and how a spinal adjustment may help a patient find relief for what may seem to be unrelated health problems. Chiropractic Spinal […]

How Often Should You Communicate With Your Patients?

Highlights Good patient communication should always have a purpose in mind.  There are many reasons to communicate with patients, and the ideal frequency will vary.  Research shows the ideal frequency for appointment reminders is three reminders a week, including the day before and a few hours before the appointment. Practices need to respect patients’ preferences […]

Types of Chiropractic Tables and How To Choose One

Highlights Different types of chiropractic tables are designed for different treatments and uses. Use case, user experience, maintenance, patient comfort, and price should all influence the chiropractic equipment you choose. Chiropractors have lots of choices when it comes to selecting chiropractic tables for their practice. From drop tables to portable tables to chiropractic tables with […]

How to Increase Patient Engagement with CT Engage [5 Ways]

Highlights   Keeping patients engaged is vital to the success of your chiropractic practice. CT Engage allows you to boost patient engagement by sending appointment reminders, creating recall campaigns, and keeping patients informed and engaged. CT Engage works in conjunction with ChiroTouch’s EHR practice management software to streamline your workflow and help you grow your chiropractic […]

ChiroTouch Sets the Standard in Chiropractic Practice Management Software Technology

As a chiropractor, you might feel that you are constantly doing paperwork instead of helping patients. Many chiropractors are passionate about providing care but are less excited about administrative tasks. Regardless of the size of your practice, you can’t afford to waste time typing the same information again and again, looking for misfiled patient records, […]