Medicare: To Bill or Not to Bill, That is the Question

Many people see their chiropractors for more than just adjustments and you as a provider should bill for those services. But when dealing with Medicare and other payers, how, and more importantly, when can we bill codes other than adjustment services? Join billing and coding expert, Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA, and ChiroTouch Senior Trainer […]

Managing a Multi-Location Practice while Focusing on PI Cases with Dr. Marc Gulitz

Join us for this webinar with Dr. Marc Gulitz, specializing in the rehabilitation of acute musculoskeletal injuries, most commonly experienced in auto accidents and work-related injuries in several practices in Maryland. Dr. Brian Blask of ChiroTouch interviews Dr. Gulitz on how he grew to a multi-location practice of eight and why he focuses on Personal […]

5 Ways to be Flexible and Proactive In This New Environment

Join us for this webinar with Dr. Jeff Getbehead on the five ways chiropractors can be flexible and proactive in their practice to help cope with today’s new environment. In this one-on-one discussion with ChiroTouch specialist, Dr. Brian Blask, Dr. Getbehead elaborates on the following action steps: Be flexible to your patient’s needs Make necessary […]

Implementing nutrition as another way to enhance patient care and cash flow

Many practices find themselves curious about implementing nutrition, yet overwhelmed by expansive product lines. The uncertainty of where to start and what to do leaves practices lost in the details.  Practices often find they’re working with a clunky and less than effective approach to implementation/communications, and ultimately resulting in underwhelming results with cash flow and […]

Best Practices on Telehealth

With providers rapidly moving towards offering telehealth services many are seeking out best practices for this new service offering. One of the areas that providers must make sure to consider is the documentation requirements that may vary from a standard office visit. In a document released by Optum, a health information technology and services firm […]

Get on the Right Track with Telehealth Implementation

External circumstances have forced healthcare providers into the world of telehealth in a rapid and unexpected fashion, leaving little time for understanding and preparation as to how telehealth works. CMS and other payors continue to roll out and clarify telehealth guidelines. Brandy Brimhall, expert in chiropractic insurance billing with ChiroTouch, provides clarity to assist practices […]

Telemedicine Considerations During the Time of COVID-19

Telemedicine Considerations During the Time of COVID-19 By Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA We’re always hoping to learn new things but WOW, we didn’t expect to be immersed in so many new things at once. In the world of healthcare, depending on your specialty, you may be experiencing a world of new knowledge that […]

COVID-19 Coding Conundrums

COVID Coding Conundrums By Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA During this uncertain time, Chiropractors have been called on to care for our communities in ways out of standard methods. This means that some practices may need to know diagnosis codes for the COVID-19 disease itself and for its testing and treatment. While we hope […]

Coding and Billing Hints and Tips: Spring Clean Your AR – Part 1

DCs, what are you doing to keep money coming in despite fluctuations in patient visits? If social distancing and quarantines have hurt your patient traffic, it may be time to look at other ways to bridge the accounting gap. In this webinar, you’ll hear from leaders in the industry on how to Spring Clean your […]

2020 Coding and Billing Changes Presented by Kathy Mills Chang, CCCA

It’s hard to imagine that we’re turning the page on a New Year AND new decade! The changes that have occurred in the business of healthcare this past decade boggles the mind. Once again, significant changes are occurring in 2020 that may affect your practice. Billing and coding guru, Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA, […]

Tell Your Story with HCPCS Codes

Today’s chiropractor sees their practice as holistic. Most providers not only deliver spinal adjustments, but also provide total healthcare services to their patients including the recommendation of other ancillary products. Gone are the days of describing all those additional products as 99070. To best manage the details and accountability of these products, it’s best to […]

The Art and Science of Chiropractic Diagnosis Coding (DX Coding)

We were all ready to take a break from diagnosis coding after we implemented ICD-10 a few years ago. The rules are in place, and it’s simple, right? Not really. A lack of attention to detail with this important process can cost you time and money. In this important tutorial, Kathy Mills Chang goes over updates to […]

Understanding Medicare Modifiers and Timed Codes

Coding is really more than just numbers and letters. Although in chiropractic, we have a smaller subset of codes to deal with, failure to follow the rules of coding can affect your bottom line, and appear to be a misrepresentation of the services provided. In this webinar, guest Kathy Mills Chang reviews common misconceptions about modifiers […]

Chiropractic Diagnosis Codes for Medicare in 2019: Choose Wisely!

Many Chiropractors think that diagnosing Medicare patients is one of the simpler things they must do. After all, most Part B Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) provide a list of approved diagnosis codes to use. Many even provide guidance on the frequency limitations that they deem appropriate for categories of diagnosis codes. However, as we review […]

Don’t Let These Unusual Medicare Billing Codes Trip You Up!

With only three spinal chiropractic manipulative treatment (CMT) codes that are covered under Medicare, selecting Medicare billing codes should be one of the simplest tasks we have, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, audits conducted by KMC University continually reveal significant errors around these three common services: physical medicine CPT codes 97014, electrical muscle stimulation, 97010, hot/cold packs […]