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How to Transition to a Cloud-Based Software

Highlights A paperless EHR can modernize your chiropractic practice and help you improve patient experience and profitability.  When switching to chiropractic EHR software, look for a system that has cloud capabilities and is designed especially for chiropractic practices.  ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software and offers multimodal support and training for practices transitioning to […]

Why ChiroTouch is the Standard in Chiropractic Software for Chiropractic Assistants

 Highlights ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software for chiropractic assistants due to its fully integrated and automated features. ChiroTouch’s integrated patient management and case management functions improve patient flow and organization. Seamless internal communication tools and instant data syncing improve workflow efficiency. Customizable alerts from ChiroTouch provide chiropractic assistants with real-time updates. Chiropractic assistants […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Growing Chiropractic Practices

Growing your chiropractic practice has its challenges, from hiring the right staff to working with patients and making collection calls. To handle these challenges, you need to know the most effective ways to grow your chiropractic practice and the pitfalls to avoid along the way. Every chiropractic practice is unique in the services they offer […]

Why ChiroTouch Is the Standard in Practice Management Software for Chiropractors

Highlights Daily administrative and billing tasks associated with operating your chiropractic office take away from your time with patients and growing your practice. No matter what type of practice you have, ChiroTouch’s completely integrated cloud-based EHR system allows you to streamline billing and administrative tasks, engage more deeply with patients, and focus on growing your […]

ChiroTouch Sets the Standard in Chiropractic Practice Management Software Technology

As a chiropractor, you might feel that you are constantly doing paperwork instead of helping patients. Many chiropractors are passionate about providing care but are less excited about administrative tasks. Regardless of the size of your practice, you can’t afford to waste time typing the same information again and again, looking for misfiled patient records, […]

How to Choose Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Highlights  When evaluating new chiropractic practice management software or chiropractic EHR, practices should look for: Experience. Was it designed by experts specifically for chiropractors? Does the company have several years or decades of experience in the chiropractic software industry? Freedom and flexibility. Is it accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device? Can you manage all practice […]

How Technology has Changed the Chiropractic Profession for the Better

Businesses of all types are using the power of technology to become more efficient and deliver a better service or product. From data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI), companies are making significant investments in technology to grow and improve. In the chiropractic industry, practices have traditionally been slow to adopt new technology. However, since the […]

In Case You Missed It: What’s New At ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch: Empowering Chiropractors through Continuous Improvement   At ChiroTouch, our approach to continuous improvement involves everyone – all our people and our customers. It’s why we’ve been the leader in chiropractic software for over 20 years.   Building on our experience and your feedback, we keep improving our all-in-one EHR and practice management solution so you can […]

Chiropractic EHR Selection Guide

Choosing a chiropractic EHR system for your practice is a significant undertaking. Your practice’s EHR software impacts every aspect of daily operations, so it is vital to choose an EHR system that meets the needs of your staff.  With our EHR selection guide eBook, you can discover the key elements to consider when choosing a […]

Learn About CT Engage: ChiroTouch’s Patient Engagement Tool

In this episode, ChiroTouch Specialist Brian Blask, DC, and Senior Product Manager Tina Koro take a deep dive on CT Engage. They discuss what CT Engage is, how it can streamline and automate patient communications, and why patient engagement is critical for a healthy practice. They touch upon the hot topic of HIPAA compliance in […]

Benefits of a Completely Integrated Chiropractic EHR Software

Your EHR software has a significant impact on how your practice operates, from scheduling patients and charting to coding and billing. The right chiropractic EHR system can create a more efficient and productive workflow, boosting revenue and helping to grow your practice.  In this practical guide to the benefits of integrated chiropractic EHR software, learn […]

The Best Solution for Every Type of Chiropractic Practice

No matter what type of chiropractic practice you operate, implementing a fully integrated EHR system is essential to your success. Integrated EHR software helps all types of chiropractic practices, from solo and growing practices to cash-based and insurance-based practices, streamline their workflow.  Download our helpful eBook and learn how using a cloud-based, fully integrated EHR […]

Case Study Dr. Yaser Murshed, First 30 Days. So Easy to Get Started

Dr. Yaser Murshed of Game On Chiropractic finds ChiroTouch, The Cloud Standard in chiropractic software, easy in every way. ChiroTouch comes pre-loaded with a library of documentation templates that have helped him save time and improve efficiency from the very first day. Dr. Murshed is now spending less time on administrative tasks and more time […]

Dr. Turner Testimonial

Dr. Lance Turner of Point Chiropractic from Monterey, California, explains how ChiroTouch is helping him get to where he wants his practice to be.     “It’s what I was hoping for and I had really high expectations.” “I was confident throughout the process of teaching it to myself, that if I started to perform […]

Dr. Murshed Testimonial

Dr. Yaser Murshed of Game On Chiropractic from Orlando Florida, explains how ChiroTouch helps him focus more on his patients and less on practice management. “Clean, modern interface” “My favorite feature of ChiroTouch is really their macros. When taking notes, in my previous system, there’s a lot of typing involved. Now, it’s just one click […]