ChiroTouch Reviews & Testimonials

Our clients are our number one priority, and the reason ChiroTouch has become the top-rated chiropractic software in the profession.

And the reason ChiroTouch has become the most popular practice management software in the profession.

Chiropractors choose ChiroTouch because they desire a better quality of life – for their patients, their staff, and themselves. We believe the relationships we have with our clients are developed and strengthened through our committed attention and genuine concern for our clients, as well as our desire to continually improve their experience with our software. But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at just some of the recent chiropractic software reviews we have received from our thousands of satisfied clients.

“If your considering it, go for it” 
Dr. Allen of Destination Wellness Center
Dr. Allen was a former Chiro800 user and made the switch to ChiroTouch. He loves how it is an all-in-one system that can manage the front desk, billing, notes and the mobility of the iPad.

“Simple and easy to use” 
Dr. Irwin of Meadows Family Chiropractic
Dr. Irwin appreciates how easy to use and simple ChiroTouch is. She explains that it is the kind of system that a DC right out of school can pick up the software and be Medicare compliant .

“We complete notes on 50 to 60 patients a day!” 
Dr. Enix and Ginny of Enix Chiropractic Clinic
Enix Chiropractic Clinic are former EZBIS users. After 3 months of learning the system they are up and running and are able to get their records done at the end of the day!

“I appreciate how the software is flexible” 
Dr. Hough of Fort Wayne Chiropractic
Dr. Hough was a former Eclipse user and made the switch to ChiroTouch. He manages his practice right from his iPad and likes how customizable the software is.

“Great experience with customer support” 
Dr. Paterna of Shoreline Family Chiropractic
Dr. Paterna, a customer for 9 years, loves how he is able to leave the office with his notes and billing done. He also mentions that the software has paid for itself because he didn’t have to hire more staff.

“I can’t say enough good things about ChiroTouch” 
Dr. Lightfoot of Lightfoot Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC
Dr. Lightfoot has been spreading the word about ChiroTouch! Explaining how efficient he has made his practice and how easy the software makes it to connect with insurance providers.

“I give ChiroTouch five stars!” 
Delaina Prater of Orlando, Florida 
Delaina has been involved in the profession for many years and she was able to pick up using ChiroTouch with no problem. She likes the billing portion of the software because it helps her maintain their accounts receivables and collections.

“ChiroTouch has exceeded my expectations.” 
Dr. Farkas of Farkas Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Farkas made the switch to ChiroTouch from Eclipse 3 years ago and they haven’t looked back! He explains that ChiroTouch is a complete system that is continually improved.

“It improved our overall practice flow and reduced paperwork” 
Dr. Radcliff of Radcliff Family Chiropractic
Dr. Radcliff transitioned from Autumn8 and had some great things to say about improvements in his practice since switching to ChiroTouch.

“My patient load has been able to double” 
Dr. Clarke Williams of Better Health Chiropractic 
For Dr. Clarke Williams has noticed a change in her office atmosphere since you ChiroTouch. Her staff is happier since they have been able to eliminate a lot of their paperwork issues, their billing has become much easier and they have a created a much faster flow in their office!

“The user conference is absolutely worth it!” 
Dr. Blankenship of Brantley Chiropractic
Dr. Blankenship has been using ChiroTouch for 7 years and her team has really appreciated our user conferences! They got a lot of valuable information and are grateful for the opportunity to attend.

“ChiroTouch is a game changer” 
Dr. Bergrin of Family Neck and Back Center
Dr. Bergin has been a ChiroTouch user for 8 years. Before ChiroTouch he had files sitting on his desk for 6 to 9 months, now when he leaves the office, everything is complete! ChiroTouch has helped him minimize paper processes and run a more efficient practice!

“I get my notes done within 30 seconds” 
Dr. Helo of Total Wellness Center 
For Dr. Helo, time is very important to them and so is having good notes and documentation. When an insurance company ask’s for their notes they can get the paperwork to them on the spot. Dr. Helo recommends ChiroTouch because it is the best software for chiropractic.

“We love the ability to customize our macros” 
Dr. Benevento from Benevento Chiropractic
Dr. Benevento has been using ChiroTouch for 3 years and the software has helped his practice run more efficiently. They especially love the ability to customize their macros for the way they run their practice.

“They made it super easy and super user friendly.” 
Dr. Taylor of Daytona Beach
Dr.Taylor has been running her solo practice for 2 years with the help of ChiroTouch. Fresh out of school she was able to do her own documentation with the help of the software. Using our bullet touch macros made it a breeze.

“I feel very confident with everything I do with ChiroTouch” 
Dr. Casey Morgan of West End Chiropractic 
Dr. Morgan has been using ChiroTouch for about a year and explains that the software allows him to get his work done quickly and in a detailed manor. He has no problem getting paid with his documentation.

“What I love about ChiroTouch was the transition was so easy” 
Brittany and Becki at Michigan Association of Chiropractic Event 
Brittany explains that ChiroTouch billing is so simple and streamlined. While Becki loves how easy the transition to ChiroTouch has been in her practice.

“We want to keep it simple, that’s why we use ChiroTouch!” 
Dr. Emily DeRocco of Bullock Chiropractic
Dr. DeRocco and another provider run all of their own scheduling, documentation, and payment processing. They don’t have time to mess around, so they use ChiroTouch!

“We stopped using our old software on Friday and began billing with ChiroTouch on Monday” 
Dr. Bengel of Allegheny Health & Physical Medicine 
Dr. Bengel did his homework before switching EHR’s because he didn’t want to have to make the switch twice! His staff took only about a week to learn the software and their practice hasn’t looked back since.

“I love ChiroTouch. It is just an all over wonderful program!” 
Dawn of Arizona Life Chiropractic 
Dawn likes using ChiroTouch because it is easy for her to access it from her home. She is able to conveniently do patient notes for the Doctor and feels it is an overall wonderful program

“Without ChiroTouch we wouldn’t function as well and be able to serve our patients,
which is our number one priority!” 
Lindsay of Bergman Family Chiropractic
Lindsay explains how ChiroTouch has helped the front office when seeing a high volume of patients. ChiroTouch helps them move their 1000 weekly patients in and out of the office smoothly and effectively. .

“It has made my life wonderful, absolutely phenomenal.” 
Wendy of Twin Creeks Chiropractic 
Wendy explains how their practice decided to switch to ChiroTouch and become a paperless office. They then decided to take their billing in-house and ChiroTouch made that transition possible! 

“We’ve implemented ChiroTouch really easily.” 
Dr. Fuller of Sycamore Valley Chiropractic
Dr. Fuller explains how easy it was for her and her office to transition to using ChiroTouch. She specifies how easy it is to schedule patients and recalls. In addition she discusses the convenience of “hot buttons” for inputting information.

“It was a huge time saver! We really enjoy being with ChiroTouch.” 
Margaret of Gillis Family Chiropractic 
Margaret explains how their practice switched to ChiroTouch and with the help of CTCommunity they were able to make the transition smooth and simple. Now they are saving time with the ChiroTouch scheduler, have the ability to read ledgers, and answer patient questions.

“It saves me time.” 
Dr. Morenings of Morenings Chiropractic Clinic 
Dr. Morenings explains that he like ChiroTouch’s CTInTake service because patients can fill out forms from the comfort of their own home. It saves him and his practice time because they no longer have to manually complete labor-intensive new patient forms.

“I can’t thank ChiroTouch enough for the SOAP note, it’s amazing, thank you so much.” 
Dr. Kennedy of Kennedy Chiropractic  
Dr. Kennedy may like the old days of hand-written notes but as his practice grew he was spending too many hours trying to catch up.  With ChiroTouch he is able to see patients all day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and leave the office by 6:15pm.

“For those of you who are considering ChiroTouch, I can only tell you it saved our butts big time!” 
Beverly and Steve Hannigan of Chiropractic Health Center of Socastee 
Dr. Hannigan explains how they were the unfortunate victims of arson but with the help and support of ChiroTouch they were able to get their office back up and running within four days.

“ChiroTouch has helped us organize our patients. We can contact patients in a more efficient way. The check out process has improved with the new functions. It is so easy to be compliant with CT, they take care of all the guessing.”

          • Mary, Craft Chiropractic Creating Wellness Center

“I have had ChiroTouch since opening my office and it has saved a lot of time and space when doing notes. I can quickly and effectively complete my patient notes and rescheduling is a breeze.”

          • Dr. Rayburn, Healing Hands Chiropractic

“Carlson Chiropractic started with ChiroTouch last June. We have had so many benefits with the new software! Billing has been made so much easier; everything is a lot better organized than in our last program. The patient information screen and switching back and forth between the front desk screen and patient insurance information is so simple. Adding different insurance cases is also another aspect that has been improved since our last system. Overall, ChiroTouch has eliminated repetitiveness and headaches for all of our staff! ”

          • Laura, Carlson Wellness Clinic

“ChiroTouch was so easy to learn. At first I found myself clicking into the wrong program but that was short lived.
Since I started using ChiroTouch my practice flow has been so much smoother! The check out process does not let you forget to do necessary steps for charting and billing. The billing process allows you to check for errors before uploading to your clearinghouse. On the other side downloading and posting ERAs is so easy and has saved so much time and effort. Daily SOAP notes are a breeze and form a nice narrative. They print nicely too. ”

          • Dr. Robinson, Sakonnet Chiropractic

“Our office has used this software for several years now and we are very pleased with its functionality. Ease of use is a great plus! It is very self explanatory and if we ever encounter uncertainties, the level of support received from the customer service team is exceptional. We are never shy to share who our software provider is, because we recommend it all the time.”

          • Cindy, Lepien Chiropractic

“We have used ChiroTouch for almost 10 years and it has made everything from billing to scheduling to note taking so much easier than our previous practice management software. I highly recommend it!”

            • Dr. Kollias, Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

“This product has everything you need to become a state of the art chiropractic business. You can do as little or as much as you want. The set up and follow up staff was terrific and patient. It mainstreamed an old practice (33 years) run by an older doctor and made it viable and productive with an increase in practice value.”

            • Dr. Mistretta, Mistretta Chiropractic

“ChiroTouch has been a great addition to my practice. It is the ultimate tool for a chiropractor. ChiroTouch keeps my practice highly organized and compliant, while freeing me up to focus on higher skilled tasks like giving great care and growing my business. I highly recommend ChiroTouch to anyone considering adding EMR software to their practice.”

            • Dr. Barton, Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca

“I would like to really commend your Attestation videos. I cannot believe how efficient you made the process. I watched them twice and did my CMS attestation flawlessly on Saturday. I used to use Write Pad. They aren’t even in your league as far as understanding and preparing their customers for this process. It went smoothly and I was completely done in less than an hour overall [including watching the tutorials twice!]. Please thank everyone who did their diligence in making something that completely stresses me out into a tolerable event! You all actually do help.”

          • Ellen, North Bridge Chiropractic

“I have been using ChiroTouch in my practice for over 5 years now.  My practice has easily tripled because of it.  Billing insurance, taking patient notes, and making care plans has become seamless with their software.  We couldn’t be happier!”

          • David, Libs Chiropractic

“If you are unsure of what software to use, don’t look further and choose ChiroTouch, you won’t regret it. ”

          • Jonathan, Spinal Health and Rehab Center

“It’s quick and easy once everything is set up. Billing is efficient. Reports are detailed and easy to use. Great option that is much cheaper than the competition in the long run. Ease of use, macros, good readability, quick and easy billing.”

          • Dan, Restorative Laser Therapy Center

“It was easy to decide that this is the software we needed. The time they took in training all of us and answering all our questions. Whether its software or IT related they are always patient and willing to help.”

          • Carolina, Fayetteville Family Chiropractic

“I did a lot of research before choosing an updated software solution for my practice. I’ve been in the chiropractic profession for 36 years so I’ve seen a lot of things out there in the field. ChiroTouch has definitely proven the right choice! Since I started with them in 2009 they have only gotten better, expanding with integrated services as technology expands, they offer are fantastic! I would recommend ChiroTouch to any chiropractor wanting to simplify their practice and stop chasing around treatment cards. It’s awesome when something great just keeps getting better and I expect that will continue!.”

          • Jackie, Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center

“ChiroTouch has been a wonderful tool to implement into my practice for seamless integration of multiple working parts for all services and billing.”

          • Wesley, Abilene Chiropractic & Sports Rehab, LLC

“ChiroTouch has greatly diminished my time relating to charting and note-taking. I no longer have to spend time over my weekends catching up on charting. Thanks ChiroTouch!”

          • Zachary, Nicolai Chiropractic Center, P.C.

“Honestly I love it. So easy to manage. Never had a problem while using it.”

          • Patricia, Spinal Health & Rehab Center

“ChiroTouch software has improved our clinic in many ways. Our practice has become much less paper dependent with the forms and notes being completed in CT. We have also recently be able to set up our recalls, reminders and birthday notes to patients.”

          • Jessica, Kinesis Health Associates

“ChiroTouch is a wonderful software that has helped about practice get to the next level! It has great figures that include recall system, inventory, reports and accounting. All are easy to use and it helps keep us organized! Highly recommend! (posted on capterra).”

          • Amber, Chiropractic Wellness Connection

“ChiroTouch is easy to use and has good features that help the flow of the office. It’s easy and conducive for practice.”

          • Mike, Flanery Chiropractic

“We have been utilizing ChiroTouch since 2012. It is nice to have one software package take us from patient sign-in, to the doctor’s daily notes, through billing. They have worked to keep the software up-to-date with changes being made within Medicare and other medical guidelines and client suggestions. The webinar trainings that they provide also helped us to understand upcoming changes within the medical guidelines and within the software.”

          • Renee, Back & Neck Chiropractic Wellness

“ChiroTouch is a wonderful software that has helped our practice get to the next level! It has great figures that include recall system, inventory, reports, and accounting. All are easy to use and it helps keep us organized! Highly recommend!”

        • Nicole, The Wellness Connection

“Very personable and also helped with errors that were not part of the agenda.”

        • Gina, Hewett-McNeil Family Chiropractic

“The rep was so helpful. I can’t tell you how much i appreciated their help.”

        • Robert, Jarrett Chiropractic

“Very helpful and easy to use. Support staff answered promptly and are friendly!”

        • Cassie, Ellensburg Chiropractic

“The rep was very helpful and informative. I could tell he valued my time and made every effort to get the update done in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you!!”

        • Taylor Hoeffert, D.C., LLC

“Wow, He was quick and efficient and kind. THANK YOU!”

        • Julia, Chiropractic Clinics of Nevada

“Love the quick service, easy to understand answers and always friendly staff!”

        • Joy, Leelanua Family Chiropractic

“Support was awesome and they were very patient with me. I really appreciate your services!”

        • Rabacca, Oberheu Chiropractic Clinic PC

“I very much appreciated the gentle personality, helpfulness, and positive attitude of the representative who helped me today.”

        • David, Lozano Chiropractic

“I love ChiroTouch, it makes practice easier!”

        • Nick, Optimum Health Chiropractic

“I love ChiroTouch :)”

        • Maria, Dr. Alejandro Mioni

“I can honestly say, I’ve never had better experiences with customer service than i have whenever I need to call in to ChiroTouch for ANY issue. What an amazing team of people.”

        • Travis, Sunrise Body Revival Chiropractic & Massage

“I always have a positive experience when dealing with ChiroTouch but today was exceptional. I had a problem and they went above and beyond to try and find a solution for me. The effort was definitely appreciated.”

        • Carla, Irondequoit Chiropractic Center

“Fast, easy EXCELLENT service! Thank you ChiroTouch!”

        • Stacy, Snider Family Chiro

“Fantastic support service! Handled our issue and got us up and running”

        • Debbie, Snider Family Chiro

“Support was awesome. Fun and friendly and fixed all of my problems! Customer service A++, some get a superhero cape.”

        • Elizabeth, Triskelia Wellness

“Support was awesome. Fun and friendly and fixed all of my problems! Customer service A++, some get a superhero cape.”

        • Elizabeth, Triskelia Wellness

“Support was completely wondering and made our day by solving a problem that had plagued us for a long while!!”

        • Mitchell, Physical Medicine Center

“ChiroTouch support is AMAZING! Very thorough and gave clear instructions. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! ”

        • Lisha, Redlands Spine and Sport

“ChiroTouch has the BEST customer service I’ve ever dealt with. This is the standard to which all companies should be held. ”

        • Dr. Travis, Sunrise Body Revival Chiropractic & Massage

“ChiroTouch customer support is ALWAYS so courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and there for me. I just can’t say enough good things about ChiroTouch!”

        • Kathleen, Chesapeake Wellness Center

“Support was very patient and helpful as i bumbled through trying to tell her what I needed!”

        • Danielle, Trinity Integrated

“Support was very helpful, we appreciate their friendly professionalism.”

        • Eric, Baldwin Chiropractic

“As a former TPS software user, it was very helpful having a former TPS technician help me with my issue! Took their time answering my problems.”

        • Ann, CARE Natural Wellness Center

“Support beyond helpful, beyond cheerful and very optimistic!”

        • Marianne, D’Amore Chiropractic

“Support was amazing!! They knew exactly what to do.”

        • Diana, Pettibon Chiropractic Clinic

“EXCELLENT support! The rep was patient and walked me through each process, also allowing me to take the time to show what was happening.”

        • Cathy, Bart Hodgens



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