Straight from Washington DC’s recent HIPAA and Cybersecurity Regulators Symposium, Dr. Ty Talcott teaches you what you need to know to about keeping your practice safe from cyber threats before it’s too late. In this webinar, Dr. Ty, aka The Compliance Guy, shares the latest protocols to protect your practice from ransomware attacks as well as important updates to HIPAA 2019 policies and enforcement that will change the way you conduct business. Remember, the excuse “I didn’t know” will not save you from facing the very real and costly consequences of HIPAA violations.

Watch this webinar to learn:

•The four things that 90% of chiropractors don’t know about cybersecurity and HIPAA

•Which rules the regulators just changed, decided to enforce, or ignore for 2019

•The real costs of ransomware attacks

•The two things you have to have as part of your HIPAA program according to the government


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