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A business that doesn’t grow eventually withers away. It’s simply the nature of the beast, and that includes chiropractic practices. That’s just one reason it is wise to consider the best chiropractic marketing strategies for your practice before your first day of business. After all, with all the new businesses springing up these days, our population suffers from sensory overload. If you take the time to explore how to connect with your audience, the payoffs can be outstanding. Let’s discuss how to cut through the marketing noise, and make your practice stand out.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Basic and Effective

Start small and stick with the basics. Marketing communities will tell you that this is the era of Social Media marketing, and while they’re not wrong, Word-Of-Mouth marketing has yet to be outdone. Although its reach may be limited, it is the most effective, and almost always guarantees a new customer walking through your door. This is the first key to using marketing successfully: you have to get potential patients in the door. Offer referrals and discounts wherever you can, especially if you are new. Family discounts, friend referral discounts, first-time-visit discounts, and free consultations are all effective methods to get patients in, to experience your practice.

Also, create an atmosphere your patients will want to discuss with other people. Upgrading your intake process to something simple and tech-savvy is always great. And having friendly, personable staff is essential. Making an experience not only easy, but also enjoyable will keep patients coming back. Consider a coffee/tea and water station, and perhaps a bowl of treats for children. Offer validated parking. Make sure whatever you provide to improve the customer experience is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile Is King

Did you know that Google results are heavily influenced by not just your query, but by how well a website performs on mobile? This means mobile chiropractic marketing strategies are critical to your business success, now more than ever. Your patients will have a greater likelihood of viewing your website on their phones, not desktops or tablets. Make sure your website is mobile optimized. What does mobile optimized mean? The most important aspects of mobile optimization include: your webpage doesn’t take more than 4 seconds to load, it’s easy to navigate with touch icons, and it’s easy to read. If you have to enlarge the text, you’ve lost potential interest. Yes, it’s that tough to keep audiences engaged due to the flood of similar and readily available content your competitor is providing.

However, software solutions like ChiroTouch offer patient engagement strategies to complement your chiropractic business. They provide an automated campaign hub, making ads or promotions easy to design, execute, and measure. Furthermore, patient alerts, texts, and email reminders help keep your patients aware and organized, and the automation allows your staff to focus on other tasks, like engaging with your in-office patients and care for the overall office atmosphere.

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Organic Social Media Is A Must

Organic social media marketing for chiropractors can also be a wonderfully effective tool if used correctly. First, get involved, and become a reliable presence in the online community. Where does your target demographic congregate online? Join local sports pages and family resources pages frequented by your customers. Is there a recreational center near you? Perhaps a high school with football and basketball teams? Like their pages and follow their posts. Look for opportunities to support the community you are interested in treating. Donate to their fundraisers, and don’t forget to post about how proud you are to support them! The most effective social media marketing demonstrates genuine support in local communities. The public can smell a fake, so consider how you can get involved in a capacity that you are comfortable with and go to work showing you care.

Local SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization for your website, is known as “earned traffic.” Local SEO marketing for chiropractors is effective, as most users incorporate the name of a town or area into their search inquiries. Submitting your business information to local databases such as Google My Business can be very beneficial. Potential patients will see a map with the location of your office when searching for chiropractors in your vicinity. However, the search terms are narrow, and the geographic range is very limited. For example, chiropractors might use “Spinal Adjustment Mytown,” or “Chiropractic Services Mytown.” You can use wider SEO terms, such as “New Jersey Chiropractor,” but patients in pain don’t want to travel far from their town, especially if they suspect they will require regular treatment sessions.

Effective local SEO marketing requires consistent use of the name, address, and phone number, the so-called NAP. An accidental variation in any component spells serious trouble for your local SEO marketing and your practice.

Advertise Online with Google Adwords

If you want to increase the odds of people finding your business online, Google Adwords is a very powerful chiropractic marketing tool. This Google Adwords allows you to bid on specific keywords, which appear in clickable ads at the top of the search results when a person in the area searches for those words on the Google search engine. The person knows they are clicking on an ad, and they do so because they want to know more about your services. It’s a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You do have to pay more for the top position of your ad, which shows up at the top, right-hand side of the Google search engine page.

With Google Adwords, you can target potential patients up to a 5-mile radius of your practice. That’s a relatively short distance for any patient to travel. Depending on your location, this could expand your patient base by tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. Even better, Google Adwords lets you target patients seeking treatment for specific issues, rather than just the generic searches for chiropractic or chiropractor. If a person local to your area is looking for information on back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, whiplash, or the dozens of other problems you deal with every day, it’s easy to find you via Google Adwords.

Google Adwords doesn’t require a contract, so you can cut back or change the service at any time. It’s certainly possible, especially with the use of a tool like Adwords, that you may have more patients than you can care for, at least temporarily. If that happens, you can easily lower your budget to slow things down.

Start Blogging

Establishing a blog on your website – and updating it regularly – can help attract new patients for chiropractic services. A Google search will lead those in your area looking for answers about back pain to your site. They should find some of the information they’re searching for on your blog. Offer another carrot, such as a free downloadable eBook on chiropractic care for back pain. In return for the download, you obtain the viewer’s name and email address. That information, along with those of your current patients, becomes the basis for your next marketing strategy: The email list.

The Email List

Using an email platform is a simple and inexpensive way to create a customized, attractive email. Send your patients – and potential patients – tips on spine health, your practice’s upcoming offers and special events. Include videos of exercises and other ways to lessen back pain. Sending monthly updates to your email list is a great way to keep in touch with your patient base and encourage them to make appointments for adjustments. Sweeten offerings with new patient promotions, such as “Bring a Friend for an Initial Appointment, Receive a Discount Off Your Adjustment.”

Schedule Open Houses

Schedule an annual or semi-annual open house, where people can come in to learn more about chiropractic in general and your practice in particular. Make sure to offer food! You can also offer door prizes, such as free chiropractic screenings for the lucky winners. Ask some patients who have experienced considerable pain relief to appear and talk about how your services changed their lives. It’s one thing for a doctor to talk about the benefits of chiropractic. It’s quite another to hear about successful results from those in the community.

New Patient Dinners

Nothing says, “Welcome to the practice,” like a new patient dinner. It takes work, but it’s a worthwhile – and potentially lucrative – annual event. If you’re a good speaker, this is an excellent way to promote your skills and business. You will have to find a suitable restaurant or catering hall to host the dinner, and your staff will need to make lots of phone calls to patients and send out invitations. Still, many practitioners find such dinners invaluable for bringing in new clients and establishing great word-of-mouth.

The Value of Press Releases

Send out regular press releases to local newspapers and post them on social media pages in the areas you serve. While it’s essential to send out such notification prior to an event you’re holding, it’s also a good idea to send them out whenever anything noteworthy occurs in your practice. For example, if you’ve received any sort of award or recognition, make the community aware. Other opportunities for promotion include your 1,000th client or 5,000th as the case may be.

Additional Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

There’s no shortage of advertising opportunities for your practice – TV, radio, podcasts, billboards, banners, event sponsorships, online advertising, even the guy on the street corner juggling the giant cardboard arrow. However, it can be easy to get off track.  It’s one thing for people to recognize your chiropractic slogan or billboard face, but it’s another to be a consistent topic within targeted communities and groups. Become a part of your audience first. Be a presence, and contributor, in their local conversations. Make sure you are registered in Google My Business, Yelp, social media and local business pages, so you are easy to find. Then focus on marketing practices that make your patient’s experiences amazing. They’ll be back for more, and they’ll bring their friends.

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