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Chiropractic billing services and software can help you work with insurers, file claims, and get paid faster! Learn the benefits of chiropractic billing software and billing services, and how they can dramatically improve your practice’s bottom line!

Every chiropractor would like to increase their practice’s revenue and get paid faster.  Exactly how to accomplish these goals is the answer practitioners seek.  Fortunately, choosing the right chiropractic billing services and software not only streamlines the business side of your practice, but it can also jumpstart a practice’s finances.  An investment in quality chiropractic billing software pays for itself.

Chiropractic Billing Software

The right chiropractic billing software can help decrease issues with your claims from the very beginning.  What if a patient doesn’t have the insurance coverage he or she says they do?  You need a software that can automatically verify eligibility for new and returning patients.

The same holds true for the pre-authorization requirements in place for some plans.  A failure, in either case, means you may not receive payment for services rendered.

Your chiropractic billing software should also run regular accounts receivable reports.  This allows you to pinpoint any outstanding claims.  With these reports, you know exactly what claims have been paid and which require follow-up.  Running your practice successfully means staying abreast of all billing issues as well as proactively addressing potentially difficult financial situations.

Good chiropractic billing software sends an immediate alert if a patient’s insurance has reached the maximum number of visits.  Once informed their insurance will not cover the visit, the patient has the option to pay for services out of pocket at that point.

Your software should also ensure you don’t miss any filing deadlines for claims.  While these filing deadlines are typically generous, with most payers giving you a year from the date of the claim, you want to stay abreast of the dates.  Once this date has passed, you won’t receive payment.

Once you’ve deployed your seamless chiropractic billing software, you should see a substantial increase in paid claims.  A well-integrated software also means that your staff is no longer engaged in activities that can be done by your practice management software.

Chiropractic Billing Services

Chiropractic billing is highly specialized.  If mistakes are made with coding or documentation, the patient’s insurance company may reject the claim or decide not to pay all or portions of the claim.  The wrong terminology can also mean a rejection or delay in payment.  That’s especially common with Medicare billing, as Medicare’s regulations regarding chiropractic are particularly stringent.  If you practice doesn’t use state-of-the-art chiropractic billing services, it’s likely your collections aren’t as high as they could be, and much of that money is lost unnecessarily.

You always have the option of using a chiropractic billing service rather than billing in-house, and for some chiropractors, that’s a better choice. There are, however, pros and cons to outsourcing versus conducting your chiropractic billing in-house. For example, one advantage of outsourcing your chiropractic billing services is that a chiropractic billing company will always have current ICD-10 codes in use. You don’t need to hire a staff person specifically to deal with billing, and you don’t have to worry about a billing backlog if that person is sick or on vacation.

There are plenty of “pros” for in-house chiropractic billing services, and for most practitioners, they will outweigh any cons. With in-house billing, charges are entered into the system immediately, which means you are paid faster. Your staff can verify insurance network participation information right away. If there are past-due accounts, it’s a top priority for your staff. Such delinquent accounts are dealt with in their own time when you outsource your billing. Any other information needed, such as insurance payments, are easily accessible. The cost of chiropractic billing software is less expensive over time than the monthly fees of an outsourced chiropractic billing service, so having your own system is more economical in the long run. Some outsourced chiropractic billing services charge a collection percentage, so it is difficult to budget for the service. You’ll pay more when you have additional billings, and less during slow periods, but there is little consistency. You must read the fine print in any contract carefully, because a company may apply various types of fees to your account. If you find you don’t like the service, you may even have to dole out a hefty amount just to cancel your membership.

When billing issues do occur with an in-house system, there is no need for constant phone calls, emails or other communication to get to the bottom of the problem, as there is with outsourced billing. Your staff members can delve into it and report back to you. There’s also the fact that many small business owners, such as chiropractors, don’t want to relinquish control of their billing to an outside company. With an in-house chiropractic billing system, you can keep a close eye on your billing. Of course, having an in-house billing system, rather than choosing to outsource, only makes sense if you use top-quality chiropractic billing software. Inferior chiropractic billing software can result in problems, so don’t decide on less than top-notch software just to save a little money upfront. It will eventually cost you, perhaps dearly.

The knowledge that your collections are suffering increases your stress levels and any kind of worry may detract from the care you give your patients.  With up-to-the-minute chiropractic billing services and software, you don’t have to obsess over the state of your billing.  You have confidence in your software and service, and that allows you to focus on the most important aspect of your practice – helping your patients.

How to Use Chiropractic Billing Services and Software Together

ChiroTouch’s chiropractic billing software integrates all the areas of your practice that you need to run at maximum efficiency.  Our software submits claims and posts payments.  Not only is your staff freed from manual data entry and the possible errors made in entering information by hand, but you also receive payments much more quickly.  You can instantly check the status of your revenue, and always know the state of your cash flow.  User-friendly ChiroTouch offers an intuitive system with a smooth learning curve and unlimited live support. Contact us today for a free demo, and see how first-rate chiropractic billing software performs. Once your practice is using ChiroTouch chiropractic billing software, you’ll wonder how you ever conducted business without it.

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