• There’s more to building a brand than designing a company logo.
  • Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition and builds trust in your practice.
  • To build a strong brand, your practice should:
  • Establish your brand’s look
  • Be relevant to your audience
  • Frequently update your content
  • Humanize your practice
  • Adapt content to fit the platform
  • Find your voice
  • Be responsive to patients
  • Educate your patients with your marketing
  • Find the best channels to market your content
  • Use an integrated chiropractic practice management software system

Your chiropractic practice is one of many. To grow your practice, it’s critical that you establish a brand that sets you apart from the competition. To build your brand, consider your practice values, the types of patients you care for, and how you can improve the patient experience with an easy-to-use chiropractic practice management system.

How to Build Your Brand

Building your brand is an essential part of growing your practice and forming lasting relationships with your patients. It’s critical that you understand that branding comes down to more than your company’s logo; it’s about your reputation, both online and in person.

As you work on building your brand, consider the values of your practice, what you want to be known for, and how you can communicate your style of care through your marketing materials.

Establishing Your Brand’s Look

Branding sketches

The most apparent aspect of branding your practice is creating a specific visual style that makes your digital content instantly recognizable. This look should be consistent across all platforms and strike a balance between professionalism and personability.

To do this, you’ll need to choose primary typography, secondary typography, and brand colors that appear on your logo, web pages, and physical brochures or documents.

Use fonts that are easy to read and look professional. Don’t use script fonts, even on social media platforms. When choosing shapes and colors for your logo, think about the psychology behind these visual cues and how they might affect a patient’s decision to book an appointment with you.

As one example, large corporations and technology companies often use blue. If the values you want to emphasize are professionalism and the use of advanced technology, blue could be a good choice for your brand.

Be Relevant to Your Audience

Chiro Female Athlete

Part of making choices about branding your practice is understanding who you’re appealing to. Who is your patient base? Before you decide on your visual style, language on the website, or even your marketing campaigns, you must know your target demographic.

If your chiropractic care is geared toward elderly patients, you’ll need to make different branding choices than you would for targeting young athletes dealing with sports injuries.

Frequently Update Your Content

To build your brand and grow your practice, you need to constantly update your digital content to reach a wider audience. One of the easiest ways to turn out relevant content on a daily or weekly basis is through a blog on your company website.

Use this space to update patients about programs or initiatives at your practice. Or highlight information about chiropractors that you think is useful to people who need your services.

Provide information and content without expecting an immediate transaction from patients. When you publish informational videos or blog posts that answer questions people may have about their bodies without asking them to pay for it, you create a sense of trust that can build your patient base.

Humanize Your Practice

Happy office team

When you’re branding your practice, never lose sight of what sets your company apart: the team of people behind the daily operations. Provide information about your team on your website. Post real updates from your staff members on social media accounts like Instagram or TikTok. These actions can help younger generations feel comfortable reaching out to your practice.

You can also humanize your practice by inviting honest patient feedback through testimonials on your website. Keep the testimonials updated and relevant by asking recent patients for new ones regularly.

Adapt Content to Fit the Platform

An essential aspect of branding is understanding how to appeal to the different user demographics on each platform. If your chiropractic practice serves all age groups, you’ll probably reach your older patients through content on your web pages or email newsletters.

Middle-aged patients are more likely to see your updates on Facebook or blog posts, while young patients are frequently on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Besides adapting what you share on each platform to fit the target audience, you should also think about how you share it. The same paragraph of information about a new massage therapy program that you send out by email won’t hold the attention of someone clicking through Instagram stories.

For social media platforms, shorten your content and share the basic point, and provide a link where people can go if they want more information. In blog posts or newsletters, you can go into more detail.

Find Your Voice


Finding a voice for your brand means that patients know what to expect from your content when they sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media. Chiropractic marketing strategies might center around holistic wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. In that case, all the content you share should have this central theme.

If your practice focuses on sports injuries and caters to athletes, the style of content you share will be aimed at a younger audience interested in vigorous physical activity.

Another way to develop a voice that resonates with your targeted audience is to develop podcasts and webinars and post them on your practice website. A 2019 marketing report by Edison Research found that 54% of podcast consumers say they’re more likely to consider brands they hear advertised on podcasts.

Chiropractors might also consider speaking at industry events such as those offered by Parker Seminars or Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA). Public speaking can be a powerful way to build name recognition for your practice.

Be Responsive to Patients

To ensure you create a positive reputation for your practice, patient interactions should be quick, seamless, and convenient. Think about using software like ChiroTouch to help with practice management, medical billing, and chiropractic electronic health records (EHR).

The right chiropractic practice management system will let you streamline your patient administration processes. And 80% of ChiroTouch customers surveyed by TechValidate found an improvement in office workflow when they switched to this chiropractic practice management software.

This attention to responsiveness leads to a better patient experience, making patients more likely to come back.

Educating Patients Through Marketing

As a chiropractic care center, your goal is likely to reach as many people as possible and provide them with the care that improves their quality of life. One way to do that is to educate potential patients about what you do.

For example, a 2017 survey unveiled that only 4% of Americans understand four key terms associated with their private insurance policies: deductible, co-insurance, co-pay, and out-of-pocket maximum. Insurance agencies have a valuable opportunity to increase brand awareness by creating marketing materials that educate their customer base on these and other important industry topics.

To grow your patient base, a vital part of chiropractic marketing is educating potential patients on the services you provide and how those services can help them. You should also be clear about the payment options you offer and which healthcare plans you accept. Make your services easier to access by using modern technologies.

Where is the Best Place to Market Your Brand

Marketing strategy

The key to branding success is high visibility. For a chiropractic practice, online marketing is crucial; you need to reach a broad audience to promote your services. It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 search engine users go online to find local services. But, surprisingly, only 64% of small practices have a website!

Experts say that it takes between 6 and 8 marketing touchpoints before you gain a sales lead. If you want to successfully promote your practice, you need multiple marketing channels to increase awareness of your brand.

Think about the following channels as marketing possibilities for your practice:

-Social media. Reach a broader audience by posting engaging content, stories, and images on multiple social media sites. For a chiropractic practice that relies on informative content, platforms like Facebook and TikTok offer the opportunity to post blog links and video content.

-Website and blog. Your website is your practice’s digital storefront; it’s often the first impression potential patients have of your services. An easy-to-navigate site that incorporates your brand identity encourages patients to engage with your site more effectively. It also increases your market exposure.

Rework your About Us or Get Started page to reflect your overall message. Make sure your unique selling point (USP) is featured prominently on your homepage. You should also regularly post SEO-optimized blog and video content to increase web traffic.

-Digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing campaigns have an excellent return on investment (ROI). But social media and online advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, are saturated with marketing materials, making it challenging to stand out from the competition.

Make your online ads personal and thought-provoking. Try focusing on new developments in your practice or highlighting outstanding team members to make your ads memorable. Your ads should be built around your brand persona so you can be sure you’re reaching your desired audience.

Email marketing is often overlooked in favor of more interactive digital marketing strategies. But email marketing lets you tailor your advertising to individuals rather than broad audiences. Send newsletters, appointment reminders, or even links to blogs regularly to your email list.

According to a TechValidate survey, 77% of surveyed chiropractic offices are looking into expanding their email and texting services in anticipation of an increase in patient visits post-pandemic. You don’t want to be left behind.

How ChiroTouch Can Help Build Your Brand

Another critical element of successful brand-building is customer service. Happy patients share marketing content, leave positive reviews, and promote your company through word-of-mouth referrals.

Great customer service is built into ChiroTouch. As an integrated chiropractic practice management solution, it lets practices streamline their services through administrative and medical billing apps and chiropractic EHR management — decreasing time spent on administrative tasks and giving DCs more time to spend with patients.

The platform also provides access to digital intake forms and patient questionnaires, making it easy to gather data that you can use to inform your branding and marketing decisions.

ChiroTouch offers additional services that integrate seamlessly with effective ways to help practices build their brands. These include:

-Patient communication tools: CTInTouch is a powerful service that’s invaluable for creating email campaigns. It’s simple to use and lets practices keep in touch with their patients with both manual and automated messaging. An especially effective way to use CTInTouch is to send post-visit messages to patients inviting them to leave positive social media reviews for your practice.

-Patient exercise programs: CTSmartFit allows chiropractors to send exercise programs to their patients, an excellent way to keep your practice top of mind for your patient base.

-Online appointment booking: CTAppointments gives patients the ability to schedule and manage appointments online. It enhances brand visibility by letting you customize the scheduling page with your practice logo.

For more information on these and other ChiroTouch add-on services, see our Additional Services page.

Patient experience

ChiroTouch also lets you improve patient experience through attractive and easy-to-use app interfaces, real-time updates to track and monitor patient progress, and 15-second SOAP notes to simplify chiropractor-patient interactions.

Chiropractic practices that switched to ChiroTouch saved 20-40 hours per month on charting, according to a TechValidate survey. This additional time can be reinvested into your customer service and marketing strategies to build your brand.

For More Information

To learn more about creating a chiropractic marketing plan, see our on-demand webinar, “Creating, Refining and Executing Your Marketing Plan.” Or contact ChiroTouch via our support hotline or online form to learn more about our software program and services.

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