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Chiropractic Spinal Nerve Charts

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health care. While many patients think of chiropractic only as a way to relieve back or neck pain, as a practitioner you know that the brain controls every cell in the body via the spinal nerves. That’s why a spinal nerves chart is so beneficial for patients. By using a chiropractic spine & vertebrae chart, you can illustrate to patients exactly how issues in the spine affect nerves in other parts of the body, and how a spinal adjustment may help a patient find relief for what may seem to be unrelated health problems. For example, the lumbar spine, consisting of the L1-L5 vertebrae, affects the nerves in the large intestines, abdomen, bladder and reproductive organs, among others. Patients suffering from gastrointestinal ailments may not make the connection between their stomach problems and lumbar vertebrae out of alignment, but such a connection exists. A chiropractic nerve chart makes this connection, and others, simple to understand.

Spinal Nerves Chart

Every patient should have access to a spinal nerves chart. Acquaint new patients with such a chiropractic chart during their first visit. While it is important to explain how chiropractic functions at the initial appointment, no explanation is as revealing as actually viewing the nerve chart and seeing the interaction between the spine and other body parts. You may see a lightbulb go off in a patient when they make the connection between back pain and allergies, asthma, bronchitis, acne, blood pressure and all the conditions to which the body is vulnerable. It also helps patients understand the holistic chiropractic approach, in which the entire person is considered, not just a set of symptoms.

Chiropractic as a Healthy Way of Life

Chiropractic spinal nerve charts provide more than just good information. While they illustrate the parts of the spine and how spinal nerves affect other organs, they also prove to patients why chiropractic adjustments are not only for those times when pain is present. Regularly scheduled chiropractic treatment aids in patient health by keeping the spine free from subluxation interference. Once patients understand that all aspects of the body are connected, and the spinal nerves are the major component of this connection, they will realize the importance of chiropractic maintenance. It’s a win-win for their health and your practice.

How ChiroTouch Can Improve Your Practice

Just as a spine & vertebrae chart illustrates the way the condition of the spine affects the rest of the body, so does your choice of chiropractic software affect the success of your practice. ChiroTouch’s integrated practice management system allows your practice to run smoothly from patient check-in to billing. When you have confidence in your software, you can spend more time with your patients focusing on their health. Contact ChiroTouch today at 800-852-1771 and arrange a free demonstration today.



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