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Chiropractic practices are paper-intensive. From patient intake forms to diagnostic charts to SOAP notes, chiropractors have been using paper-based recordkeeping systems for decades.

However, since the introduction of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, all health facilities are required to keep electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care quality and efficiency while protecting the privacy of patients.

EHR systems have proven to be highly beneficial for chiropractors, letting them simplify their workflow, streamline recordkeeping, and improve diagnostics and treatment plans.

Yet a cloud-based, paperless system is now the norm for healthcare facilities, and with good reason: They offer a level of efficiency that paper-based systems can’t match.

If you’re considering switching your practice from a paper system to cloud-based paperless software, there are several important factors to consider, including how your practice can benefit and the steps you need to take for a smooth transition.

How Does a Paperless EHR Work?

Once you start the process of going paperless, the first thing you need to do is convert your patient records and data to electronic versions. After you have all the digital data, you need a place to store it safely.

One option is to use in-house servers. However, in case of an emergency or a problem in the server, the data can take a long time to restore. In the worst-case scenario, a problem in the server could cause a total data loss.

Today, there is a much safer option: cloud-based services. With cloud-based services, your patient records will be stored on a web server in a remote data center.

The cloud-based server then takes care of anti-virus protection, security updates, and data backups. Cloud-based services also handle the necessary IT upgrades and maintenance. If you want to go paperless, cloud-based services are the most reliable way to transition your practice.

Why Does Your Chiropractic Practice Need to Adopt a Cloud-Based EHR?

Paper records

Working with a cloud-based EHR offers several advantages, but essentially, it helps you store and protect your data.

A cloud-based system also provides mobility that on-premises systems can’t match. All members of your practice will be able to access all data in the system from anywhere, in or out of the office.

Access the schedule, book appointments, wrap up a note, and more, from anywhere and with any device. Even work from home if you like. You will no longer be tied to a desktop or laptop that has the necessary software installed.

Greater Security

Using EHR software provides higher-level security and privacy for your data. Your electronic files are secured using modern encryption and authentication methods, so patient health information and financial data are well-protected.

Improved Efficiency

An essential cloud benefit is greater efficiency in retrieving and sharing information. You can forget about wasting time searching through old folders.

An integrated EHR system allows you to quickly find and share documents. It allows data to be seamlessly available to everyone in the practice who needs access to it.

A good chiropractic EHR system can also streamline payment, billing, and insurance claim management and simplify CMC-compliance.

Ease of Use

Switching to cloud-based software improves the usability of documents, statements, and schedules for your staff. Quality software packages for going paperless are easy to use, and the team can start using the new applications almost instantly.

A good software package for going paperless will include easy-to-follow tutorials and step-by-step guidance for the different applications. Patients’ demographic information, SOAP notes, images, and treatment histories are presented intuitively, making it easy for chiropractors to use the information.

Space and Paper Savings

American businesses use a vast amount of paper annually. All that paper takes a toll on the environment through deforestation and greenhouse emissions. For many healthcare practices, a vital cloud benefit is making a positive change and taking care of forests and the planet.

Also, cabinets, desks, and bookshelves for storing documents and folders take up a lot of space in an office. Changing to a cloud-based system frees up space that practices can use in other ways.

The staff benefit from having more space to work in, making their daily lives more comfortable. A paperless approach also allows practices to rent or occupy smaller facilities because they require less physical storage space.

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Transition Checklist: How to Make an Easy Transition to a Cloud-Based System

Transitioning to a paperless or cloud-based system might seem like an overwhelming process. However, with a bit of research to find the right EHR, the process is easier than many people think, and your practice will benefit from the efficiency of a paperless system.

✔ Choose the Right Software

The first step in going paperless is to choose the right software. While there are plenty of options available, some EHR systems aren’t as intuitive as advertised. And most aren’t designed specifically for chiropractors.

Make sure you choose software that simplifies tasks for your staff, such as taking notes, filing forms, or managing records. The overall design should be easy to use with an intuitive user experience.

The second most important thing is security. Look for software with excellent protection against identity theft and data breaches. When dealing with patients’ personal information such as SSN and health records, you need to provide as much security as possible. Having security issues with patient information could compromise the reputation of your practice for a long time.

Today, patients are becoming much more sensitive about identity theft issues and problems such as data breaches. To build trust with your patients, you need to make sure they feel that their personal information is safe with your practice.

✔ Invest in Comprehensive Training

Good chiropractic EHR practice management software is intuitive and easy to use. Be sure the one you choose has adequate training and an in-app help feature. The vendor should offer assistance during the transition.

However, you can save a significant amount of time on your transition by ensuring your staff learns how to use and navigate the software. Once the staff knows how to use the software correctly and adapts, you’ll reap the benefits of using an EHR system.

✔ Digitize Patient Records

At the same time, you will need to convert all your old records and documents into electronic format. This might seem complicated and time-consuming, but it’s easier than it sounds.

You scan documents and upload them to the EHR system. Optical character recognition (OCR) software can automatically read the scanned documents and converts them into editable chiropractic documents.

✔ Begin Streamlining Administrative Tasks

The next step is to start performing all administrative tasks with the new chiropractic EHR software. This means that all new forms, documents, and statements are completed and stored through the EHR system.

These new electronic documents will then be instantly accessible to all employees who need them.

✔ Migrate Patient Demographic Records

Why ChiroTouch Is the Right Integrated EHR to Transform Your Practice

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At ChiroTouch, we know chiropractors. It’s what we do — all day, every day. We have over 20 years of experience helping chiropractors manage their practices.

And our users love what we do. About 50% of practices that use ChiroTouch are referred by a friend or colleague, and about 13,000 chiropractic practices in the U.S. trust our services.

ChiroTouch is The Cloud Standard in chiropractic practice management.

And with ChiroTouch, you won’t have to worry about security breaches. We’ve invested heavily in robust penetration testing with regular updates. We worry about safeguarding your patients’ protected health information so you don’t have to.

Ease of Use

ChiroTouch is an integrated chiropractic EHR. What this means for you is a system that’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to personalize.

ChiroTouch has a clean, modern interface that’s easy to navigate.

Because it’s cloud-based, you can access ChiroTouch anytime, from anywhere, on any device. There’s nothing to download and nothing to install. All you need is access to the internet — we handle the rest.

Learning ChiroTouch is a breeze. It’s in-app guidance system knows where you are and what you need to do and gives step-by-step instructions to walk you through it.

In-app Screenshot

You will also have access to an extensive library of online resources — articles, podcasts, and webinars — for help with specific tasks. We also provide easy-to-follow staff training videos, phone support, and live chat for the best support in the industry.

ChiroTouch support will even work with you and your staff to transfer patient demographic information to the ChiroTouch system.

Support Tech

Powerful Features

ChiroTouch is the new standard in chiropractic practice management software. Advanced integration creates an intuitive and streamlined workflow from scheduling to billing and insurance claim management.

Everything you need is easy to access and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of every role in your practice — chiropractor, chiropractic assistant, front desk staff, and biller.

Billing Screenshot

ChiroTouch’s powerful charting function lets chiropractors create SOAP notes in 15 seconds, right from the treatment room and in real time. It also automates the payment and billing process, resulting in time savings, fewer claim denials, and increased revenue.

Ready to Learn More About ChiroTouch?

There’s much more to ChiroTouch and what it can do to transform your practice. We’d love to show you more of the many ways the ChiroTouch all-in-one cloud-based EHR can help you run a more efficient practice. Book a no-obligation demo today to learn how we can help your practice be the best it can be. 

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