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  • When choosing an EHR vendor, look for automatic syncing, system integration, and robust support.
  • ChiroTouch offers functions that streamline workflows for providers and chiropractic assistants alike.
  • ChiroTouch’s stellar reputation among users makes it the right EHR system for your cash-only practice.
  • ChiroTouch checks all the boxes for cash chiropractic practices.

Your team works hard to ensure patients are well cared for at your cash-only chiropractic clinic, and your cash flow and billing are running smoothly. However, if you use outdated chiropractic EHR software, it can be harder than it has to be for staff to perform daily tasks. This can cause your practice to run less efficiently, cost your practice time and money, and lead to decreased patient satisfaction.

Designed with chiropractors in mind, ChiroTouch is fully integrated chiropractic practice management software that supports your team’s efficient, easy completion of daily tasks. ChiroTouch streamlines your workflow. It automates processes so that everyone — from chiropractic assistants and billing specialists to providers — can focus on patient management rather than administrative duties.

Chiropractic EHR System: What to Look For

Finding the right EHR vendor for your cash practice can be an overwhelming process. It is helpful to follow a checklist that details the features supporting each staff member based on their daily workload.

Use the provider, chiropractic assistant, and biller checklists as you research chiropractic EHR systems to understand what software elements are critical to success in each role.

Provider Checklist

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  • Reduces paperwork
    Look for an EHR system that reduces paperwork in your practice. Cutting down on paperwork minimizes the risk of clerical errors and loss of documentation, helping your staff become more efficient. Searching for and filing paper documents can waste a significant part of the workday, so reducing paperwork frees up your time for other duties.
  • Supports seamless patient management
    Your EHR system should simplify patient management. Opt for a chiropractic management software that makes it easy to access patient files, schedule new and returning patients, and automate tasks so you have more time to spend caring for patients rather than doing administrative tasks.
  • Increases staff efficiency
    Choose an EHR program that makes your staff’s job easier. Look for a system that reduces redundant tasks, is user-friendly and easy to learn, and minimizes the amount of time they have to spend toggling between multiple programs.
  • Facilitates quick, compliant charting
    Ensure that your chiropractic EHR system assists you in taking formatted, compliant SOAP notes that reduce potential errors and help you effectively care for your patients. Look for features like pre-built macros and touch screens for speedy, error-free charting.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Checklist

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  • Reduces redundancies
    A helpful EHR system should reduce redundancies and simplify your workflow. Look for software that streamlines all aspects of administrative tasks, eliminates redundancy, and reduces errors that arise from repetitive manual data entry.
  • Automates patient management
    Choose an EHR vendor that automates patient management with functions that allow you to view appointment calendars.
  • Supports efficient internal communication
    Opt for a chiropractic management system that supports efficient communication with patients and staff. This feature will allow the entire team to communicate quickly in real time, eliminating delays caused by email messaging and moving from one part of the office to another.
  • Integrates office systems
    Look for a chiropractic management system that is fully integrated and allows you to access all functions within the practice. As a CA, you may fill the role of a biller or aid the provider with patient services, so you need to pull up all functions to complete daily operations efficiently.

ChiroTouch Checks All the Boxes for the Entire Staff

When it comes to chiropractic EHR systems, ChiroTouch Core was designed specifically for cash practices. It checks all the boxes for both chiropractors and chiropractic assistants. The easy-to-use program is fully integrated and provides users with functions that streamline practice workflow in every regard.


ChiroTouch for Providers

ChiroTouch addresses all the needs of providers, from 15-second SOAP notes to reliable compliance standards. It also addresses the overall need to use an EHR program that aids the entire staff in their workload.

  • Easy to learn
    ChiroTouch is easy to learn for providers and staff, making it easy to switch over and start streamlining workflows. When you’re operating a cash practice and don’t have to worry about switching patient’s insurance information between systems, it’s effortless to get ChiroTouch up and running in your practice immediately.
  • Easy to use
    ChiroTouch comes with intuitive in-app guidance that knows where you are and the task you’re trying to complete. It guides you through with step-by-step instructions that get you back to work quickly.
  • Reliable
    ChiroTouch utilizes up-to-date security standards to keep your practice’s information compliant with HIPAA regulations.
  • SOAP notes in seconds
    ChiroTouch’s pre-built macros and touch-screen functionality save charting time. Customizable macros save providers even more time, allowing them to create SOAP notes in 15 seconds.

ChiroTouch for Chiropractic Assistants

ChiroTouch provides automated functions and an intuitive workflow that enables easy patient management and staff interactions for chiropractic assistants.

  • Online scheduling capability
    ChiroTouch allows patients to book online and lets CAs view and change appointments in the program easily.
  • Intuitive workflow
    CAs will find all patient information in an all-in-one dashboard, making it easy to perform case management duties.
  • Pop-up Alerts
    Automated alerts can be customized to patient and treatment plan. They can be set to appear at any of seven points during a patient’s visit: scheduling, check-in, check-out, charting, patient record, ledger, and payment. CA’s can use these to deliver timely information and reminders to anyone else in the office.
  • Modern and intuitive
    ChiroTouch is designed with chiropractic practices in mind, so every function helps to create a seamless user experience for the chiropractic assistant.

ChiroTouch, the Cloud Standard in Chiropractic Software

ChiroTouch Software

ChiroTouch is the most trusted chiropractic EHR system on the market. Cash practices that switch to ChiroTouch recognize the software’s stellar reputation among users. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy in every way
    ChiroTouch is also easy in every way —easy to access, easy to get started, easy to learn, and easy to personalize.
  • Most referred
    Half of ChiroTouch’s customers are referred by coaches or friends.
  • Most customers
    More than 21,000 U.S. providers trust ChiroTouch.
  • Loyal customers
    ChiroTouch boasts thousands of customers who have been using the software for over 10 years.
  • Highly satisfied customers
    Customers of ChiroTouch report a satisfaction rate of over 90% in all categories.
  • Most developers, trainers, & staff
    At ChiroTouch, we know chiropractic. We employ a staff of over 300 chiropractic experts with over 20 years of industry experience.
  • Peace of mind
    ChiroTouch is compliant with AWS security infrastructure, giving you peace of mind that your patients’ personal health information is well protected.
  • Actionable reports and insights
    Discover insights about your practice’s performance that you can use to take action to improve the various functions of your practice.

Find Out How ChiroTouch Supports Your Cash Practice

ChiroTouch checks all the boxes on your EHR checklist for cash-only chiropractic practices. To discover how ChiroTouch can help your practice save time, become more efficient, and increase revenue, book a demo today.

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