How to Streamline Your Patient Check-in Process with CTSign-In and Front Desk

Highlights: ChiroTouch’s chiropractic practice management software simplifies the patient registration process with self-check-in and three sign-in options. CTSign-In works seamlessly with Front Desk to provide access to the patient’s entire chiropractic EHR. Together, CTSign-In and Front Desk create a streamlined information flow that is immediately available to all users in the practice: front desk staff, […]

5 Reasons to Integrate Your Chiropractic EHR Software and Billing System

Highlights This article discusses five reasons why integrating your EHR software and billing system is a smart move for your practice:  Greater efficiency  Improved accuracy  Consistency that breeds more consistency  Interoperability and automation Easier payment with greater transparency     Making the transition to an electronic health record (EHR) system may be daunting, but the […]

The 20 Most Popular Chiropractic Equipment and Tools

Chiropractic Office Equipment and Tools There’s no question that the most important chiropractic tools or equipment are the trained practitioner’s own hands. While performing adjustments, however, or running a chiropractic office, there are certain other chiropractic tools that can aid in running a chiropractic office efficiently. 1. Chiropractic Tables One of the most crucial tools […]

Dr. Landon Amonette on Running an All-Cash Practice

ChiroTouch supports more than 21,000 practices nationwide, and while they have ChiroTouch in common, their approach to chiropractic varies; from a single-provider practice to a multi-provider and multi-location office, from an all-cash, insurance only, or personal injury focused, ChiroTouch supports all different types of practices. One of the things that our customers like most about […]

What’s New in ChiroTouch v 7.2.8. Part 1 – An overview on all of the new things you can do.

  Announcing ChiroTouch Version 7.2.8 – Overview This session highlights the newest developments and features available in version 7.2.8! Join ChiroTouch’s CTCommunity Guru and Customer Success Training and Content Lead, Ashley Cicchetto, as she guides you through the newest features that are now available in ChiroTouch version 7.2.8! ChiroTouch’s new updated version has more than […]

The Sentiment of Chiropractors Right Now

As part of our commitment to the continued success of our customers, we believe that it is vital to get a pulse on the effects that the pandemic has brought to the chiropractic profession, so we conducted a survey last month on the recent experiences of our customers in this COVID-19 environment. The survey determined […]

Importance of Mentorship in Chiropractic with Dr. Joe Borio

In this webinar, you’ll hear how Dr. Joe Borio has grown his high–volume practice by having mentors and “surrounding himself with greatness,” as he explains in this interview with ChiroTouch specialist Dr. Brian Blask.  As a long-time ChiroTouch customer of more than 14 years, Dr. Joe Borio talks about the system he keeps in place […]

Are You Ignoring Exercise as Part of Your Care Plan? It’s Time to Think Again!

In this post-COVID-19 world, many practices are changing the way they interact with patients and deliver care. One such way is through active care programs that can be delivered virtually and completed at home. Featuring guest Dr. David Cruz, in this webinar you’ll learn how to increase referrals, improve patient outcomes and retention all through […]

Automate Your Patient Intake Process During COVID-19

As practices begin to reopen, many will need to change the way they interact with patients. CTIntake, an additional service only available to ChiroTouch users, provides a contactless method for collecting new patient paperwork before they even come into the office! Hosted by ChiroTouch services specialist Duncan Ceriani, join us to take a look at […]

Pivoting your business strategy and getting a SBA loan with Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff

In this webinar, you’ll hear how Dr.  Stephanie Barbakoff pivoted her business strategy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a newly opened practice in San Diego, specializing in brain-based and drug-free solutions, she talks about her experience in applying and receiving the SBA loan, and how she is utilizing that to help build the brand of her California based practice.  Get some helpful tips in this 25-minute interview between ChiroTouch Specialist, Dr. Brian Blask and ChiroTouch customer, Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff covering the following topics:   […]

Stress Management: Reducing Coronavirus Stress with Dr. Alex Vidan

With the COVID-19 pandemic, fellow Chiropractors and patients are all experiencing a lot of stress. In this webinar, ChiroTouch customer Dr. Alex Vidan from Vidan Family Chiropractic in Saint Louis Missouri, goes over some tips on stress management and how to reduce it. He will discuss this and other adjustments he’s made to his practice […]

Managing a Multi-Location Practice while Focusing on PI Cases with Dr. Marc Gulitz

Join us for this webinar with Dr. Marc Gulitz, specializing in the rehabilitation of acute musculoskeletal injuries, most commonly experienced in auto accidents and work-related injuries in several practices in Maryland. Dr. Brian Blask of ChiroTouch interviews Dr. Gulitz on how he grew to a multi-location practice of eight and why he focuses on Personal […]

Chiropractic as an Essential Service with Dr. Richard Aplin

Join Dr. Richard Aplin, who specializes in both neurological and physiological aspects of chiropractic, in this webinar with ChiroTouch specialist Dr. Brian Blask, to learn why and how chiropractic is considered an essential service. Dr. Aplin’s practice has been busier than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic and he shares why this is so and how […]

5 Ways to be Flexible and Proactive In This New Environment

Join us for this webinar with Dr. Jeff Getbehead on the five ways chiropractors can be flexible and proactive in their practice to help cope with today’s new environment. In this one-on-one discussion with ChiroTouch specialist, Dr. Brian Blask, Dr. Getbehead elaborates on the following action steps: Be flexible to your patient’s needs Make necessary […]

Pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Christie Hafer, talks about her new practice lifestyle and “Operation Stay Healthy”

Dr. Christie Hafer, pediatric chiropractor from Idaho, speaks with ChiroTouch specialist Dr. Brian Blask, on “Operation Stay Healthy.” Parents bring their children in their Idaho family wellness practice for care with everything from colic, ear infections, constipation, asthma, allergies, ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Autism. In this webinar, Dr. Hafer talks about how she’s continuing to […]