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The Best Solution for Every Type of Chiropractic Practice

While there are many types and sizes of chiropractic practices, they all have to manage billing, and most have to process insurance claims, which involve a lot of paperwork. When looking for an alternative solution, the best way to improve efficiency is to use well-integrated chiropractic software that covers all aspects of your practice. — […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Personal Injury Practices

Highlights ChiroTouch offers chiropractors support for compliant documentation, error-free charting, and simplified SOAP notes.  Our EHR system offers CAs accessible online scheduling and useful patient engagement tools.  CT offers billers integrated payment processing options and seamless claims management and helps reduce claim denials.  The software features are easy to learn and incorporate into your existing […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Insurance Practices

Highlights When choosing an EHR software for your chiropractic practice, consider what your providers, chiropractic assistants (CAs), and billers need. The best EHR software assists with compliant documentation, increased productivity, patient management, case management, instant communication, billing workflow, automated insurance, and electronic EOBs. ChiroTouch EHR software is easy to use and has great features that […]

Guide to Data Security

In this eBook, you will learn about: – Natural disasters and the impact on small businesses Data security for your practice’s notes  Safe ways to streamline your practice Security benefits of going digital Add value to your practice with secure online payments  

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Multi-provider Practices

Highlights Good chiropractic EHR practice management software is fully integrated and helps every role in the practice. ChiroTouch gives chiropractors access to easy, compliant documentation templates and SOAP notes functions. ChiroTouch allows instant communication and intuitive patient flow for CAs. ChiroTouch provides automated insurance and integrated billing for billers. ChiroTouch is the best EHR practice […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Growing Practices

Highlights The best chiropractic EHR software is a system that streamlines the workflow for every role in your growing practice. ChiroTouch is a fully integrated EHR practice management software that checks all the boxes for you and your staff. With ChiroTouch’s automated billing and insurance, you ensure financial stability as your practice grows. With ChiroTouch, […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for New Practices

Highlights When deciding on an EHR software for your new chiropractic practice, consider how the system meets the needs of your chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and billers. A useful EHR system helps you effortlessly create compliant documentation, increase productivity, communicate instantly, simplify billing processing, and file insurance claims automatically. ChiroTouch is fully automated chiropractic EHR software […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Cash Practices

Highlights When choosing an EHR vendor, look for automatic syncing, system integration, and robust support. ChiroTouch offers functions that streamline workflows for providers and chiropractic assistants alike. ChiroTouch’s stellar reputation among users makes it the right EHR system for your cash-only practice. ChiroTouch checks all the boxes for cash chiropractic practices. Your team works hard […]

ChiroTouch is the Cloud Standard for Chiropractic Billers

Highlights ChiroTouch is the cloud standard for chiropractic billers. It is a fully integrated, cloud-based EHR system that simplifies the chiropractic billing workflow. ChiroTouch increases payment rates with flexible payment processing options for patients that make it easier for them to pay on the day of visit. ChiroTouch integrates insurance claims management with a clearinghouse […]

Case Study Dr. Yaser Murshed, First 30 Days. So Easy to Get Started

Dr. Yaser Murshed of Game On Chiropractic finds ChiroTouch, The Cloud Standard in chiropractic software, easy in every way. ChiroTouch comes pre-loaded with a library of documentation templates that have helped him save time and improve efficiency from the very first day. Dr. Murshed is now spending less time on administrative tasks and more time […]

HIPAA Rules for Texting or Emailing Your Patients

Highlights   Patient communication is governed by HIPAA regulations. Emailing and texting are allowed under HIPAA with specific precautions. An integrated chiropractic EHR system like ChiroTouch can make all aspects of running a chiropractic practice easier, including patient communication.   In the digital age, correspondence with patients is less rigid than it used to be. […]

A Day in the Life of a Chiropractic Assistant

An integral part of a smooth-running chiropractic practice, the chiropractic assistant handles a variety of tasks to help the principal chiropractor run their operation. No two days are alike, as they combine healthcare and office roles to ensure patients have the best experience possible. A chiropractic assistant’s job will vary with the size or type […]

A Day In the Life of a Chiropractic Biller

It takes many hands to make a busy chiropractic practice run smoothly. The chiropractor needs support from the chiropractic assistant, front office staff, and the chiropractic biller. A chiropractic biller is the payment expert of any chiropractic practice. They handle all the details associated with payments for the practice. Some billers work for cash practices, […]

The Importance of Mobility and Flexibility in Today’s Chiropractic Practice

Flexibility and mobility aren’t just treatment goals for your patients. Mobile, flexible chiropractic practice management systems are crucial for modern chiropractors who want to thrive. Society and technology are changing at breakneck speeds. In fact, technological change is accelerating at such a rate that your practice needs to remain flexible and adaptable to keep meeting […]

A Day in the Life of a Chiropractor

Every day, chiropractors must rely on a unique skill set to assist their patients. A chiropractor needs to be able to discuss each patient’s problems and then provide the necessary treatments. But while chiropractors spend most of their time treating their patients, successful providers do much more than that — they are responsible for seeing […]