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Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Personal Injury Practices

Highlights ChiroTouch offers chiropractors support for compliant documentation, error-free charting, and simplified SOAP notes.  Our EHR system offers CAs accessible online scheduling and useful patient engagement tools.  CT offers billers integrated payment processing options and seamless claims management and helps reduce claim denials.  The software features are easy to learn and incorporate into your existing […]

Guide to Data Security

In this eBook, you will learn about: – Natural disasters and the impact on small businesses Data security for your practice’s notes  Safe ways to streamline your practice Security benefits of going digital Add value to your practice with secure online payments  

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Growing Practices

Highlights The best chiropractic EHR software is a system that streamlines the workflow for every role in your growing practice. ChiroTouch is a fully integrated EHR practice management software that checks all the boxes for you and your staff. With ChiroTouch’s automated billing and insurance, you ensure financial stability as your practice grows. With ChiroTouch, […]

Podcast Episode 7: How to Build a Robust Marketing Strategy for Today’s Chiropractor

  Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. In this episode, Drs. Jason Deitch and Jeff Langmaid of The Smart Chiropractor tag team in discussing the right – and wrong – ways to approach marketing strategy. They address the issues many […]

Chiropractic EHR Checklist for Cash Practices

Highlights When choosing an EHR vendor, look for automatic syncing, system integration, and robust support. ChiroTouch offers functions that streamline workflows for providers and chiropractic assistants alike. ChiroTouch’s stellar reputation among users makes it the right EHR system for your cash-only practice. ChiroTouch checks all the boxes for cash chiropractic practices. Your team works hard […]

Why ChiroTouch is the Cloud Standard in Chiropractic Software for Chiropractic Assistants

 Highlights ChiroTouch is the cloud standard in chiropractic software for chiropractic assistants due to its fully integrated and automated features. ChiroTouch’s integrated patient management and case management functions improve patient flow and organization. Seamless internal communication tools and instant data syncing improve workflow efficiency. Customizable  alerts from ChiroTouch provide chiropractic assistants with real-time updates. Chiropractic […]

ChiroTouch is the Cloud Standard for Chiropractic Billers

Highlights ChiroTouch is the cloud standard for chiropractic billers. It is a fully integrated, cloud-based EHR system that simplifies the chiropractic billing workflow. ChiroTouch increases payment rates with flexible payment processing options for patients that make it easier for them to pay on the day of visit. ChiroTouch integrates insurance claims management with a clearinghouse […]

Podcast Episode 6: How to Build a Well-Rounded Digital Marketing Strategy

  Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. In this episode, Dr. Beau Pierce discusses his unique blend of old school and cutting-edge digital marketing in a concept he calls vitalistic marketing. Just as the human body works best when […]

Why ChiroTouch is the Cloud Standard for Chiropractors

Highlights Daily administrative and billing tasks associated with operating your chiropractic office take away from your time with patients and growing your practice. No matter what type of practice you have, ChiroTouch’s fully integrated cloud-based EHR system allows you to streamline billing and administrative tasks, engage more deeply with patients, and focus on growing your […]

Podcast Episode 5: Building Your Brand Through Old-School Marketing Techniques

Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.  In the conversation with host Dr. Ronnie Simms, Dr. Wendland-Colby shares her story of how her brand building journey inadvertently began as a response to critics who questioned her continuing to adjust […]

HIPAA Rules for Texting or Emailing Your Patients

Highlights   Patient communication is governed by HIPAA regulations. Emailing and texting are allowed under HIPAA with specific precautions. An integrated chiropractic EHR system like ChiroTouch can make all aspects of running a chiropractic practice easier, including patient communication.   In the digital age, correspondence with patients is less rigid than it used to be. […]

Dr. Baldwin Testimonial

Dr. Baldwin of Pinnacle Point Chiropractic from Grand Prairie Texas, discusses how ChiroTouch understands his practice needs and how ChiroTouch knows exactly what dashboards, reports, automation, and documentation to provide in order to help him reach his goals.   “I’ve had systems where it takes me 15 – 20 minutes to do a daily visit […]

A Day in the Life of a Chiropractor

Every day, chiropractors must rely on a unique skill set to assist their patients. A chiropractor needs to be able to discuss each patient’s problems and then provide the necessary treatments. But while chiropractors spend most of their time treating their patients, successful providers do much more than that — they are responsible for seeing […]

How Often Should You Communicate With Your Patients?

Overview:    Good patient communication should always have a purpose in mind.  There are many reasons to communicate with patients, and the ideal frequency will vary.  Research shows the ideal frequency for appointment reminders is three reminders a week, including the day before and a few hours before the appointment. Practices need to respect patients’ […]

How to Choose Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Highlights:  When evaluating new chiropractic practice management software or chiropractic EHR, practices should look for: Expertise. Was it designed by experts specifically for chiropractors? Ease of use. How easy is it to access, to learn, and to use? A completely integrated system. Is it a truly integrated system whose functions work together seamlessly? ChiroTouch is […]