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Maximize Efficiency with One System for Everyone in the Office

Highlights:  ChiroTouch is a chiropractic practice management software system that integrates all functions of chiropractic management — from check-in to billing — for a smooth and efficient flow of information. Providers and all staff have easy and immediate access to all patient information. ChiroTouch is customizable using preset and easy-to-create macros. ChiroTouch simplifies documentation and […]

Increase Revenue and Get Paid Faster with Chiropractic Billing Services and Software

Highlights Chiropractic billing services and automated software can help your practice simplify claims and get paid faster. Automated chiropractic billing software helps you manage the claims revenue cycle for fewer denials and delays in reimbursements. With improved claims reimbursements, see increased revenue and free up more time to spend with your patients. Chiropractic billing services […]

What to Look for When Choosing Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance

Highlights   Chiropractic malpractice insurance is essential for chiropractic practices to operate safely and protect against costly litigation. Chiropractors must ensure they have appropriate coverage for their practice based on size, specialty, location, and state requirements. All chiropractic practices should also have chiropractic liability insurance for claims arising from personal injury or sexual misconduct allegations. Choosing […]

How Chiropractic Practice Management Software Can Increase Profits

Highlights Cloud-based chiropractic practice management software streamlines your practice’s workflow with automated features and complete integration. Features like automatic appointment reminders, auto-coded insurance, and simplified billing improve your practice’s cash flow and boost revenue. Better practice management lets you spend more time treating patients, improving their care and your practice’s reputation. The right chiropractic EHR […]

Erik Frederiksen Testimonial

I’ve been using Chirotouch in my practice and find it a great time saver. The company has excellent customer service, one of their representatives, Suzanne Maher, has been particularly helpful with her knowledge and interest in teaching the software. – Erik Frederiksen, Gentle Chiropractic

Chris Foster Testimonial

We have been using ChiroTouch over the last 10 years. There isn’t a more complete or thorough EHR on the market. The support staff, when I have used them, are very personable, professional, and thorough. I had to use tech support today to reinstall my back up system. The tech, Jodi Taylor, was very thorough […]

New Year, New Practice: Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

Highlights ChiroTouch is a great way to use your year-end budget and start the new year right.  With ChiroTouch, you can create compliant 15-second SOAP notes, automate repetitive tasks, access data from any device, and support every aspect of your practice, from booking to patient experience to billing. Take advantage of our special Cyber Monday […]

Now is the Time for Chiropractors to Step into The Health Care Void

Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. This episode is graced with the esteemed guest, Dr. Guy Riekeman, Life University Chancellor Emeritus. As a second-generation chiropractor, Dr. Reikeman recounts the adversity chiropractors faced throughout the years including his own journey from […]

The Listening Doctor Method

Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. Dr. David Fletcher, president of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, joins this episode to share his methods for explaining chiropractic care to patients in a way that resonates and positively impacts retention. Tune in for […]

How to Transition to a Cloud-Based Software

Highlights A paperless EHR can modernize your chiropractic practice and help you improve patient experience and profitability.  When switching to chiropractic EHR software, look for a system that has cloud capabilities and is designed especially for chiropractic practices.  ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software and offers multimodal support and training for practices transitioning to […]

6 Best Practices for Keeping Patients on the Calendar

Highlights This article discusses 6 best practices for encouraging your patients to continue their chiropractic care: Begin retention efforts from day one. Use online scheduling.  Send automated reminders and messages. Create a comfortable environment. Ask for patient feedback and testimonials.  Use quality chiropractic practice management software. Patient retention is important not only to your practice’s […]

Shift Your Purpose and Find Fuel for your Journey

Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. In this episode, Dr. Tracy Wilson of Global Health Chiropractic, dives into his philosophy of how the lens through which you look at your chiropractic purpose, shapes all that you do to build your […]

5 Reasons to Integrate Your Chiropractic EHR Software and Billing System

Highlights This article discusses five reasons why integrating your EHR software and billing system is a smart move for your practice:  Greater efficiency  Improved accuracy  Consistency that breeds more consistency  Interoperability and automation Easier payment with greater transparency  Making the transition to an electronic health record (EHR) system may be daunting, but the advantages are […]

Tips for Adapting to a More Digital Chiropractic Practice

Highlights:    The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in chiropractic care. Practices will need to adapt to patients who want digital conveniences like online appointment scheduling and advanced electronic payment options. Automated features can help practices save time and streamline their processes. ChiroTouch is the best chiropractic practice management software and chiropractic EHR […]

How Automated Exercise Programs Can Boost Patient Retention

Highlights:  Exercise helps patients with both chronic health conditions and injuries to recover better and have less pain. Sending automated exercise programs to chiropractic patients through email can make chiropractic visits more effective. Patients will sense that treatment is working and want to continue. Chiropractic care is important for correcting imbalances in the body’s functions […]