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Chiropractic Billing Software: Solving Payment Challenges

Highlights Chiropractic billing software streamlines how you collect payments from patients, ensuring you get paid accurately and quickly. Common patient billing challenges, such as manual data entry, inconvenient payment methods, and repetitive, high-friction processes are so common that practice managers accept them as part of doing business. Chiropractic EHR integrates payment processing with patient data, […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Proactive A/R and Tickler Follow-Up System

What is your system? In a perfect world, every claim from your clinic would be processed and paid in a timely manner. However, insurance companies still don’t process and pay every claim that is submitted…some fall through the cracks. Glitches occur that make it necessary for financial team members to be proactive and diligent with […]

Dr. Kleinfeld CTProBill Testimonial

Dr. Robert Kleinfeld of Louisville Sports & Injury Center explains how CTProBill helped his practice maximize billing efficiency and increase collections.  

How CTProBill Can Solve Your Biggest Billing Issues

In this episode, Kelly Trentacosti, ChiroTouch Revenue Cycle Management Specialist, leads listeners through an exploration of CTProBill, an ancillary service available to installed ChiroTouch users. She is joined by Dr. Robert Kleinfeld who has successfully outsourced the billing of his Kentucky chiropractic practice to CTProBill since 2019. Together, they discuss why a practice may consider […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Reactive and Tickler Follow-Up System

What’s your follow-up system? The work of the financial department of a busy practice can be arduous and tedious. Constantly following up on mistakes and omissions from insurance companies can wear a team member out. This is why implementation of a system that organizes work in such a way it can be addressed systematically and […]

Providers, Where Are Your Financial Leaks?

Every office needs a financial health check from time to time. Do you know what needs to happen to increase your financial goals? Let us help. Presented by our Revenue Cycle Management team, this webinar gives practice owners the knowledge on how to implement consistent strategies in order to achieve your revenue goals. Increase your […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Proactive Billing Best Practices

Denied! Rejected! Not Covered! Isn’t it easier when everything just works? Why can’t we bill a claim and just get it paid? It’s possible, but you must do the smart work up front. That way, when claims come back, all you have to do is deposit the check. In this webinar featuring Kathy (KMC) Weidner, […]

The 3 Services to Increase Patient Visits on Auto-Pilot

Want more visits without the extra work? When used together, CTInTouch, CTIntake, and CTAppointments create a highly coordinated and personal patient experience from first touch to last. In this webinar, we review the 3 services that compose our Patient Engagement Bundle: CTInTouch, CTIntake, and CTAppointments – including how to use each tool individually as well […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Proactive Charting – How to Respond to Records Requests Like a Champ

The time to bulletproof your documentation is NOT once you receive a records request. Records requests should cause zero stress because you have already done the work to make them shine. Using ChiroTouch Bullet Touch macros is a great start, but in this webinar we will take it one step further and explain how you […]

Getting Back to Basics – Insurance Billing and Reimbursement

Insurance billing and reimbursements can be extremely complex. There are billing reports, claim reimbursement tracking, denials management, and more. Who has time for all that? We do! Listen as Kelly Trentacosti and Michelle Carmody of our Revenue Cycle Management team discuss what you need to know to get back to the fundamentals of insurance billing […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: The “No Surprises Act” in Effect this Month…Are You in Compliance?

Just when we thought we were finished with new regulations for the year, the “No Surprises Act” that was introduced in July was implemented on January 1, 2022. This Act is properly named ‘surprise’ as it has surprised both payers and providers. Multiple governmental departments are involved, complicating the matter even further. There are many […]

Case Study Langston: ChiroTouch is completely integrated – full claim cycle management for this insurance-based practitioner

Dr. Sherri Langston of Langston Chiropractic finds the fully integrated full claims cycle management features of ChiroTouch Advanced just what she needs to run her insurance-based practice more efficiently. Dr. Langston also finds ChiroTouch, the cloud standard, simple and easy to set up. In addition to the seamless integration of insurance functions, she loves the […]

How to Solve Patient Payment Challenges Through Integrated Payments

A successful patient experience includes more than what happens during an appointment. The payment process is also a big part of the puzzle. Learn how to improve the patient experience at your practice through integrated payments with CT Payments, available exclusively to ChiroTouch Advanced and Core customers. In this webinar, we discussed how to: Identify […]

Case Study Turner: ChiroTouch is easy in every way – a complete system for this solo practitioner

As a solo practitioner, Dr. Lance Turner of Point Chiropractic couldn’t let the transition to new chiropractic EHR software slow down his practice or take him away from patient care. Dr. Turner found transitioning to ChiroTouch, the cloud standard, to be smooth, fast, and easy, saving him valuable time and allowing him to grow his […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Year End Accounts Receivable Clean Up

The end of the year is approaching and now is a great time to take a hard look at your accounts receivable, particularly patient balances. In this webinar, KMC University’s Rebecca Scott, CPC, CPCO, reviews ways to start the New Year with as few problem cases as possible. She covers ideas on what to do […]