CTInTouch: Effective Patient Communication During COVID-19

With coronavirus affecting every aspect of life, the Department of Health and Human Services is encouraging doctors to explore a range of tools and technologies for staying in touch with patients. For ChiroTouch users, CTInTouch is one such patient communication solution. If you currently have CTInTouch, we invite you to attend this webinar to learn […]

4 Ways to Make Your CA’s Life Easier

Your chiropractic assistants are an invaluable part of your practice. Help them do their jobs better with the tips in this infographic. View it below or click here to download  

5 Tips on How to Grow Your Chiropractic Business Practice

Improving the efficiency of your chiropractic office is in the best interest of your practice, your staff, and your patients; it can increase your profits.  It can be difficult, however to know where to start when you have a full patient load and multiple people on staff.  We’ve put together a few helpful chiropractic business […]

Revenue Growth Through Efficiency

Chiropractic can be incredibly profitable, but often profits decrease because of poor management, time-consuming manual processes, missing or inadequate technology, and a lack of inspiration. When it comes to the ultimate success of a practice, efficiency is the name of the game. With the exact same building blocks, a provider can build a marginally successful […]