The Inner Game of Chiropractic

One common frustration among people in chiropractic is not reaching their desired potential. Many search for years and invest thousands of dollars and hours trying to figure out how to

Top Secrets to Becoming the Go-To Pediatric Leader

It’s no secret that childhood illness has become an epidemic. This is the sickest generation in history and parents are desperately seeking solutions for their children. Chiropractors are the best

Finding Your Voice

Watch this webinar to learn from the outspoken – and often controversial – chiropractic warrior, Dr. Billy DeMoss. We will dive into his journey from everyday practice to creating Cal

Crank Up Your MD Referrals!

Did you know that over 90% of MDs have been asked about chiropractic, but only 10% have made a chiropractic referral? In this webinar, you will learn the tactics and

3 Laws for Patient Retention

Some say retention is a dirty word in chiropractic… besides, patients won’t pay more than what their insurance will cover anyway. Or will they? The brilliance is not in getting

2018 Quality Payment Program: What You Need to Know

On Thursday, November 2nd, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published the Quality Payment Program (QPP) Final Rule for calendar year 2018. This rule builds upon 2017 transition

Double Your Business & Impact in 2018

It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays and push to close out the end of the year. However, it’s critical that you make time now to plan for

Chiropractors and Hormones – The Undeniable Connection

How does a chiropractor from a small town in Wisconsin turn a one-room, back alley practice into a thriving network of more than 50 clinics nationwide? Results. Clinical results that

The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Reason Your Patients Leave

In chiropractic, there’s a constant focus on getting more new patients, while many of our existing patients are leaving out the back door. It requires more time, energy, and money


Think of webinars as chiropractic business coaching done at your convenience. If you have a question regarding the marketing of your chiropractic business, our webinars will help you find the answer.

The only thing certain about chiropractic technology is that it is constantly changing. Our chiropractic webinars keep you up-to-date on these changes. You will learn about new and more efficient billing practices, patient retention, mobile apps, patient engagement tools, and various types of chiropractic software to help your practice thrive.

As a chiropractor, you know how crucial it is to remain HIPAA compliant. Our chiropractic webinars provide the information you need to stay compliant and avoid audits. If you are audited, you’ll also learn what to do – and not to do – so that you are fully prepared.

While you likely have a chiropractic business plan, such plans are not written in stone. They require regular review, updating and tweaking as your practice grows and circumstances change. Through our webinars, new chiropractors and more established chiropractors will find out what they can do to improve their chiropractic business plan.

Establishing connections with each patient is critical for chiropractic success. Our webinars show you how to maximize your professional and personal life. You’ll receive advice on how to build professional relationships with patients and staff.