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  • Is it too late to start the program and collect stimulus funds for 2014?

    No, it is not too late if you purchase a certified EHR now and start your reporting period before October 1st 2014 you will still be eligible for 2014 and the maximum $24,000. Penalties will still apply for 2015, but as long as you report in 2015 and 2016 you can avoid additional penalties in subsequent years.

  • How do I know if this is worth it?

    Meaningful Use reporting is not going away, but the incentive money is. This is the last year to participate in the EHR Stimulus Program to receive an incentive payment. If you don’t participate this year, you will miss out on potential incentive payments in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

  • Is there a minimum of Medicare patients or charges required to participate?

    There is no minimum required to participate and receive an incentive payment. Even as little as 4 Medicare patients a week could results in more than $12,000 of incentive when starting this year.

  • How long is my reporting period for 2014?

    All providers report for a 90-day period in 2014.

  • Does the 90-day reporting period have to be during a quarter of the year (July – September, October – December) or can it be any 90 days?

    First-time participants can do any 90 days with October 1st being the last day to start your reporting period. To avoid penalties, participants needed to start prior to July 1st, and attest by October 1st.
    Second, third, or fourth year participants must report on 90 days attached to a quarter of the year.

    How much of a penalty will apply if providers choose not to participate in EHR?

    The payment adjustment starts at 1% in 2015 and is cumulative every year that the provider does not demonstrate meaningful use.

  • Is the stimulus money considered "taxable income" with the IRS?


  • I completed my first reporting period in 2013—which Stage of EHR am I in for 2014?

    Everyone completes two years of Stage 1, so you will still be in Stage 1 for your second year of reporting in 2014.

  • I began reporting in 2011 or 2012—which stage of EHR am I in for 2014?

    If you completed your first reporting period in 2011 or 2012 you will be moving on to Stage 2 in 2014.

  • I attested for 2011 and 2012, but didn’t attest for 2013.  What effect on Stages does this have?

    You will still carry on as if you did attest for 2013. If you began reporting in 2011 or 2012, you will be in Stage 2 for 2014, even if you didn’t report in 2013.

  • How does it affect the stimulus if you are a cash office (patients pay us and Medicare/insurance reimburses them) and a non-participating provider to Medicare?

    You can still qualify for an incentive payment and participate in the EHR Incentives Stimulus Program if you submit claims to Medicare for Part B physician fee schedule services on behalf of Medicare patients.