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This webinar is brought to you though a partnership with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.


In honor of September being Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, Dr. Beau Pierce will help us navigate the sensitive subject of addiction. He will give us practical ways to address patients suffering from addiction and ideas on how to turn the conversation from self-harm to self-help through drug-free solutions.


Learning Objectives:


• How to identify someone who may be going through an addiction

• Constructive ways to approach the subject of addiction

• How to have a conversation without being confrontational

• How to give solutions in a non-forceful way


About Dr. Beau Pierce

Dr. Beau Pierce owns and operates one of the fastest growing practices on the central coast of California. His unique wellness model, which puts chiropractic care front and center, has been proven to help thousands of patients each month. In addition to operating his practice and managing his three other associates, he is the Founder of, the #1 most read chiropractic website in the world. He enjoys traveling the world with his family and helping other doctors unleash the true health leader within each of them.

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