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April 17, 2020 by CT Marketing Article COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic is keeping more and more patients home, resulting to less time in chiropractic offices. In the circumstance that chiropractors aren’t able to see their patients face-to-face, CTSmartFit can help doctors provide patient care at a distance. This is a great way to keep patients engaged during social distancing is to prescribe exercises that they can do at home.  


In this post we’ll discuss how to use CTSmartFit, so that chiropractors like you can continue to provide care, which means keeping your patients engaged and increasing your revenue even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


1 – Help Your Patients Stay Active  

Your patients are stuck at home, which typically means more sitting and sedentary behavior.  Keeping your patients active and mobile can help them feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually.  With CTSmartFit, you can send your patients custom prescribed exercise protocols right through ChiroTouch 


2 – Stay Engaged with Your Patients  

Staying engaged with your patients while social distancing might sound hard, but with CTSmartFit, you’ll be top of mind as you create exercise protocols for your patients to do at home.  CTSmartFit does the work for you because it includes video guides of how to perform the exercises, which you’ll email right to your patients from ChiroTouch.  It’s a great way to ensure your patients know you care and can continue to provide them valuable resources from afar.    


3 – Rx Protocols  

ChiroTouch has over 80 preloaded exercises for specific injuries and body parts.  You can also create your own customizable protocols from pre-installed templates and exercises. Within CTSmartFit you can send the exercise protocol through email. Best of all, you can use the CTSmartFit macro to load the exercise protocols right into the plan portion of the notes, making your notes complete and accurate. 


4 – Automatically Populate the Plan Portion of the Notes  

Eliminate double entry of notes.  With CTSmartFit you can quickly and easily automate your prescribed exercises and quickly populate them into the plan portion of notes.  CTSmartFit makes it very convenient to look back and see what you prescribed a patient because it’s visible in the note with a simple one-click overview of what your prescribed.    


5 – Drive Revenue for Your Business  

Just because you can’t see patients currently, doesn’t mean your business can’t still bring in revenue.  When you use CTSmartFit, it’s possible to bill insurance for the prescribed exercise protocols, which means incoming revenue for your practice. 


Along with CTSmfartFitwe ofer CTAppointments for scheduling and CTInTouch to communicate to patients the availability of the services you can provide. These are  systems for communicating with patients interactively and virtually. See the video that we put together on CTAppointments and CTInTouch to learn more.


ChiroTouch provides this information with the understanding that authors or speakers are not experts in finance, regulatory policy or law. ChiroTouch shares this information to the best of our knowledge and experience. The information is subject to change as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

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