For new patients, first impressions are key.  They see your chiropractic office and practice through fresh eyes.  While the quality of chiropractic care is always the most important element in the new patient experience, there are other factors that help a patient decide whether they will remain under your care and/or recommend your practice to others.  Your chiropractic patient intake forms, and their ease of use, is a minor but important factor for the new patient.  At ChiroTouch, we offer a practice management system featuring all the chiropractic forms your practice needs!

Chiropractic Intake Forms

No one likes filling out forms, but ChiroTouch make completing chiropractic intake forms and other documents intuitive and easy.  Navigation is simple, and forms cannot be submitted unless they are complete.  That means incomplete forms are a thing of the past, as is chasing down a patient to get that last bit of information for form validation.  The CTIntake Premium 2.0 service can send your patients