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With CT Scheduler Mobile, users with an internet connection who have set up their Mobile Service can access their provider schedule remotely on the iPad. Providers can access CT Scheduler functionalities without being tethered to a desktop computer. CT Scheduler Mobile offers providers greater flexibility in running their practice’s day-to-day operations with the added potential for reducing administrative overhead.

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View, modify, and create appointments

We've taken the industrys most powerful desktop scheduler and converted it to a native iPad® app that connects to your ChrioTouch. You'll never need to make that early morning call into the CA just to check your schedule, or hover over their shoulder to get an updated glance from their desktop screen.

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Schedule on the Go

Changes are synced in real-time keeping everyone in the loop

CT Scheduler Mobile just needs a working internet connection to access your local ChiroTouch database. Changes from the practice or via your iPad® are synced in realtime keeping everyone on the same schedule. You can even add new patients and schedule all in one go right on from the road.

360° Practice Visibility

More than your appointments, All appointments

See multiple providers, appointment types, and Rooms at a glance for any time frame. One click and you can look ad the current daily appointment statistics, detailed appointment history, or even scheduled events.

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Only Made Possible with

ChiroTouch chiropractic software

CTScheduler is one of the many ChiroTouch Apps that connects to a ChiroTouch EHR database delivering a more intuitive experience that complements ChiroTouch features that Chiropractors have come to love on the desktop… now on your mobile device!