Integrated Chiropractic Solutions

ChiroTouch is the Most Integrated Chiropractic Software

ChiroTouch has seamless integrations with other leading chiropractic technologies to simplify your practice workflow

touchscreenDecrease data entry time and increase data accuracy with this intuitive, simple, and fast method for data entry. ChiroTouch was designed from the beginning with touchscreens in mind. Post your charges, diagnoses, treatment plan, and chart notes with just a few touches.
ctstation-by-davlen-150This Davlen-designed kiosk unit was created to give the ChiroTouch office a piece of furniture that optimizes function while considering space. This ChiroTouch-inspired design was built for the specific needs of the modern chiropractic practice. Perfect for patient self check-in or as a treatment room workstation to maximize office space.
tigerview385x62With TigerView, offices can capture clinical images from x-ray film, digital x-ray, video sources, and digital cameras into their office computer system. TigerView manages images in a patient-oriented database that can be linked to your ChiroTouch patient accounts.
dragon_naturally_speaking27Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical speech recognition software is a powerful productivity tool that enables healthcare professionals to work faster and more efficiently. Speak, and your words appear on-screen and in electronic medical records, healthcare information systems (HIS), patient notes, referral letters, and e-mails.
epadphoto141px24Capture your patient’s signature on check-in for a totally digital and HIPAA compliant sign in sheet. With this device at the front desk you can collect a unique signature on the patient receipt at check-out to establish proof of visit and acknowledgment of account balance.
swipeimg291x228Patients swipe their magnetic card upon arriving at your office and confirm their appointment. ChiroTouch will automatically check the patient in for their appointment.
ms9520-150x150Increase office efficiency and patient flow with this device. Patients swipe their magnetic card upon arriving at your office and confirm their appointment. ChiroTouch will automatically check the patient in for their appointment making check-in easier on everyone.

scannerphotoPatients place their finger on the scanner upon arriving at your office, and ChiroTouch automatically checks them in and confirms their appointment. This tool is also a great tool for general office security. Attach one on these devices to your practice computers and you will not have to worry about unauthorized access to your valuable systems.

*Note: This device must be purchased from ChiroTouch; Actual fingerprints are not stored. The scanner converts a fingerprint into numerous data points that are used for fingerprint recognition and verification. Fingerprints cannot be viewed, printed or reconstructed in any way from these data points.

motiontablet200Tablet PC’s bring real-time information to the point of care. Healthcare professionals are embracing the mobility and versatility of the Motion Tablet PC as they experience the ultimate freedom of movement. Faster, thinner, more durable, secure and longer battery life are just a few of the new features.
wirlessUsing wireless technologies will increase your mobility bringing you to the point of care. By carrying all your vital practice resources, you will be a click away from all your practice information.
scansnap-img200Convert paper into electronic patient records at the astounding rate of 15 pages per minute. The Fujitsu ScanSnap is ideal for scanning EOBs, attorney letters, reports, and more. ScanSnap automatically recognizes whether documents are black and white or color, and deletes unwanted blank pages. ScanSnap integrates directly with ChiroTouch to scan electronic patient records with just a touch!

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