ChiroTouch For Solo Practices

Finding It Difficult To Keep Up With All Of Your Daily Documentation?

Running a solo chiropractic practice means that not only are you the patient care provider, but that you must take on additional office duties, as well. Welcoming patients into your office, scheduling appointments, and more become the most important priority “in the moment”, leaving limited time to keep up with necessary documentation as the day progresses. A few lost minutes here and there can add up to a substantial amount of time spent at the end of the day catching up.

ChiroTouch knows the difficulties inherent in solo chiropractic practices. We strive to make running your practice easier, so you can focus on patient care while streamlining processes and remaining compliant. Our software for solo chiropractic is designed specifically with busy professionals in mind.

Accurate & Efficiently Collected Patient Information

Improve patient experience by acquiring accurate information from them prior to their visit and reduce their wait time once they arrive in your office. Once patient information is submitted it will sync with our solo chiropractic software eliminating the need for you or your staff to manually enter it.

Premium Online Intake
CTIntake Premium is a customizable, web-based, patient intake solution for staff and patients. Your new patients can fill out an electronic intake form directly from your website or with the CTIntake app for iPad. The submitted data will then be downloaded directly into the proper patient fields and SOAP note in our software, reducing data entry and note taking.
Patient Self Check-In
Patients can check themselves in using a unique number, bar code, finger print or swipe card. Multiple accounts can also be linked so that multiple patients can check in under the same account. This is an ideal feature for families. After self check-in subjective input from the patient can be obtained. Subjective information from the patient’s previous visit can also be saved in our software, making it easy to have patients fill out outcome assessment questionnaires, as well.

Are You Uncertain If Current Documentation Meets Medicare & Insurance Guidelines?

Trusted experts in the chiropractic profession have collaborated with us to develop compliant documentation that comes pre-loaded in our solo chiropractic software, making it easy to stay compliant with guidelines from insurance companies and Medicare.

Compliant  & Customizable Documentation

Our software makes compliance as convenient as it is easy. Both our pre-loaded, compliant documentation and your customized documentation will integrate seamlessly into your solo chiropractic practice’s workflow, syncing with patient entered information from check-ins and outcome assessments.

Built-In Outcome Assessments
Patients can fill out their outcome assessments electronically during patient self check-in, on the CTOutcomes app for iPad or they can receive the assessments via email to fill out when it is convenient for them to do so. Our software will score, track and create a detailed narrative of the results as well as an overall percentage change so that patient progress can be easily viewed and monitored. Some of the most commonly used outcome assessments will populate patient information directly into their SOAP note in our software.
Technique & Case Type Specific Macros
Templates for documentation specific to case types, techniques and therapies come pre-loaded in our software. Our Macro Manager allows you to then customize those templates (as well as templates that you create) through a simple drag and drop interface. Macro buttons can be moved from menu to menu and from set to set. Custom macros can also be shared with or obtained from other users of our software or conveniently downloaded from our macro library.

Are Missed Appointments Disrupting Your Practice Flow?

Missed appointments lead to a decrease in revenue and can cause you to forfeit a potential opening for a new patient due to the rescheduling of that missed appointment. Patient retention and scheduling efficiency can be improved by utilizing appointment reminders and making appointment scheduling and re-scheduling as convenient as possible.

An Automated & Convenient Appointment Process

Several of the top reasons patients miss appointments are because they simply forget about, the appointment is at an inconvenient time, or they have difficulty cancelling the appointment. Decrease the odds of missed appointments by sending patients reminders and allowing them to schedule at a time that works with their schedule.

Patients receive automatically reoccurring, customizable appointment reminders through text or email. Implementing CTReminders helps reduce missed apointments by 30-50%, boosting your patient attendance and retention, thus increasing practice revenue.
Online Appointment Self-Scheduler
After a patient selects the service, provider, time and date of their appointment a request is sent to the practice through email and a notification will appear on the calendar in our software showing an appointment request. You can then accept, change or deny the appointment and it will send a message back to the patient letting them know the status of their request.




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