About ChiroTouch

Welcome to the ChiroTouch Family.

From our perspective, it’s not about us — it’s about YOU. And perhaps that really speaks to who we are after all. Our chiropractic software company focuses on the betterment of chiropractic — that’s our goal, and the reason ChiroTouch was born.

Our Mission

“We exist to enrich the practices of the doctors we serve, so that they may enrich the lives of the patients they serve.”

Our inception was based upon this mission statement, and remains our guiding principal.

Within this mandate we hold ourselves accountable to the whole of chiropractic considering The Profession, The Practice, The Provider, and The Patient in building, delivering, and servicing our chiropractic software.


  1. Engaged within the entirety of the profession
  2. Devoted to the style and uniqueness of the practice
  3. Sensitive to the needs and lives of the provider
  4. Understanding and vigilant to the expectations of the patient
  5. Providing state-of-the-art ehr software and chiropractic billing.

Our Team & Culture

Our in-office team is a revolution of its own!

We’ve focused on growing the largest, most innovative, and most experienced chiropractic software company in the chiropractic profession, so we can better deliver on regulatory and other chiropractic specific features. We’ve grown to over 200 internal staff in our dedication to better serve you and your practice.

ChiroTouch has been honored as one of the best places to work by the San Diego Business Journal, and we strive to keep ChiroTouch a fun and invigorating place where people want to work, so we can give you the very best each and every day.

A visit to our headquarters in San Diego will reveal a team that is dedicated, friendly, and one that understands the larger role we play in our chosen profession. Our company culture is one that is grounded in the knowledge that we must maintain close relationships with our clients in order to achieve our primary goal—to improve lives. Our clients provide the chiropractic expertise, while we provide the chiropractic software services necessary to keep practices running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.



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