MD Referrals for DC’s

Uncovering the Hidden Goldmine for Your Practice: MD Referrals

Dr. Jonathan Walker – President of PI Marketing Elite
Recorded 10/9/2012 View Webinar

Have you ever wondered why some chiropractors seem to have a steady stream of new patients from MDs?

Join Dr. Jonathan Walker, president of PI Marketing Elite and full-time practicing chiropractor, as he helps you unlock the insider secrets to communicating with physicians.

Dr. Walker will cover:

  • The top three fears that prevent MDs from referring patients to your office, and how to handle them head on
  • Learning how to identify the decision makers in a practice
  • Best techniques to “get your foot in the door” and get past the gatekeepers
  • Insider tips on how to turn MD lunches into new patients
  • The type of marketing materials that won’t end up wadded up in their trash can
  • The single most important factor nearly every chiropractor overlooks when marketing to MDs