Dr. Bart Conn

Dr. Bart Conn of San Diego says “ChiroTouch was one of the biggest changes we made in 2009, and one of the smartest things we’ve done in 2009. ChiroTouch has allowed us to integrate everything into one program to make for a much smoother, more efficient office.

The note-taking is much faster, easier and more accessible than writing notes out by hand, which we were doing before.”

“It has allowed us to be more on top of where patients are, and what’s happening with them.”

Dr. Ron Oberstein

Dr. Ron Oberstein of “Life Chiropractic Center”, President and Founder of “The Power Zone”, and President and CEO of “Chiropractic Buying Group”, shows why ChiroTouch is simple, so complete, and so comprehensive in running a practice. It’s endless what you can do with the system.
With a PI practice in the office, Dr. Ron walks attorneys through ChiroTouch where they are able to see what they will receive, and how comprehensive the notes are when a case is closed. It’s bullet-proof!
“They are absolutely here to take care of chiropractors and that’s what I love about them. Don’t think twice. I will tell you right now, don’t think twice. I recommend it to all the doctors that I coach. And if you’re looking to move into the age of a paperless office and have your notes and everything be efficient; I would by far tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, ChiroTouch is your system.”