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Objective Proof of Whiplash Injuries with Game Changing Soft Tissue MRI

Recorded 2/07/2012 View Webinar
Join Dr. Jonathan Walker, President of PI Marketing Elite as he walks you through exciting imaging findings showing concrete proof of “soft tissue injuries on an MRI”, which has transformed his practice.

Imagine the effect this could have with attorneys in your area, and how you’ll be able to establish yourself as the local expert in spinal ligament injury? Dr. Walker has seen this change his practice in the last several years, and has been able to share this with doctors all over the country as part of his PI Market Elite program.

What you’ll learn:

  • A cutting-edge MRI technique (which can be done in virtually every area in the U.S.) that shows ligament tears in the cervical spine
  • The research behind this, published in numerous medical journals
  • How to easily interpret these studies and their clinical significance, even if you’ve never read an MRI in your life
  • Ways to effectively communicate this knowledge with PI attorneys and forever change how they view soft tissue injuries
  • A traumatic brain injury finding present in a huge percentage of your whiplash patients that can be seen on these types of scans

Plus, those who attend will receive a free copy of Dr. Walker’s e-book, “17 Point PI Practice Checklist: Top Insider Secrets Of Million Dollar PI Practices”.

Increase Patients and Profits, a Proven Nutritional Approach to Your Practice

With Dr. Ryan Bentley, Co-Founder and CEO of The Wellness  Prescription, and author of “Sex, Lies and Cholesterol”.

Recorded 7/26/2011 –
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