Be Good at Getting Them, Be GREAT at Keeping Them

Dr. Joe Borio – Chiropassion Consulting
Recorded 1/15/2013 View Webinar

Spend an hour with Dr. Joe Borio, one of the most successful chiropractors on the planet and learn the secrets of serving others.

Dr. Joe started Chiropassion Consulting ten years ago in an effort to help other chiropractors and their teams reach their highest level of service possible. Dr. Joe practices as he coaches his clients; with passion and hard work; he cares as much about the practices he oversees as his own. His clients will tell you he is an honest man with a great outlook and a warm personality whose motivational speaking and conviction for his love of chiropractic are apparent in everything he does.

The Simplest Solution: Using Progress Exam Results to Kick-Start Your Retention

Dr. David Fletcher, Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer for CLA
Recorded 11/13/2012 View Webinar

Join Dr. David Fletcher, chairman and chief clinical officer for CLA, as he introduces methods to communicate chiropractic. As BJ said, “It’s as simple as that!” The Chiropractic Leadership Alliance(CLA) created and hosts the world’s leading chiropractic seminar known as Total Solution. In that program, DCs are taught that the answer to high-volume and high-retention practice is the Simplest Solution.

Dr. Fletcher is a master communicator of the chiropractic message. He has led thousands of doctors in programs that train them how to be productive, happy, and organized. In his new role as chairman and owner of CLA, the world’s leading neural scanning technology company, he is reaching out and inspiring doctors to re-discover their greatness and share the message of chiropractic. CLA and its sister company, Creating Wellness, have developed strategies to make today’s practices perform at their peak levels. Dr. Fletcher’s passion is chiropractic, and he remains active in the practice while lecturing and guiding CLA/CWA.

Dr. Mary Oberstein

“One of the biggest selling points for me was, that we do a lot of personal injury and the attorneys are always asking for notes on each visit because our notes are done so specifically that when attorneys call, we just print up the notes. That’s the great thing about ChiroTouch. Another feature of ChiroTouch that I love is, any reports we need, any statistical report or appointment reports…we ask our staff to run us a report and it’s literally under a minute to get that report. We just plug in the criteria and we can get reports for one month, or one year, my staff loves it. ”