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Can Business Training Save the Chiropractic Profession? Part 1 & Part 2

View Part 1 Recorded 04/17/2012
View Part 2 Recorded 04/19/2012

Join Co-Founders of Chiro Finishing School, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Action Potential Holdings, Inc. & Rick Sapio, lifelong entrepreneur in this two part webinar.

Chiropractors are IN BUSINESS; and yet – ironically – they spend little to no time training to be business people. It has been determined that one of the most leverageable activities that a chiropractor can engage in, is the effective acquisition of business skills. We believe that the only way to increase the volume of long-term chiropractic patient penetration, is to scale the profession through proven, Foundational Principles of Business. Tune in to learn how other chiropractors have doubled the top-line revenue of their practices, by implementing these proven strategies.