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Full System Requirements

Chances are that your practice is already set up to incorporate ChiroTouch into your processes. To confirm, please call us at 800.852.1771 and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular requirements.


Quick Bits


ChiroTouch utilizes industry standards. This is extremely important. Your practice and patient information is YOURS. You own your ChiroTouch system and the data that it stores.

Some systems store data in a propriety encrypted format, guaranteeing that you must continue service with them, pay to have access to your own patient information, or you simply lose years of hard work. Other systems are built on old or uncommon data platforms limiting what you can do with the system and its potential/scalability for future improvements.

ChiroTouch is built on the backbone of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft SQL Server .NET. Our Apps are built in their “native” language of the mobile device allowing for full OS function and gestures. These worldwide standard platforms are supported by their parent company and have a community of seasoned professionals, dedicated to their support and service.

ChiroTouch is a client/server application: all of your patients’ data is stored on a single computer designated as the main computer (for small offices with 1–4 computers) or a “server” (for offices with 5+ computers) and is accessed by multiple computers called “workstations”. This design allows for better performance and a more reliable system that is able to grow with your office.
ChiroTouch iPad apps are available on the Apple® App Store℠ and are compatible with the iPad 2 and later models. All storage sizes are sufficient, as no patient data is stored on the iPad itself. The iPad 1 is not recommended for use with ChiroTouch apps.

With CTSecure (recommended)


We do it for you!!! YES, it’s that simple. Get peace of mind with our automated, integrated, and reliable offsite backup that’s monitored daily by CT Support.

Online backup services ARE NOT created equil:
  • ONE CALL crisis resolution.
  • Automate your data backup to increase productivity
  • Help your practice remain HIPAA compliant
  • 100% Full SQL backup & restore (important)
  • Lowest price/GB for files and live SQL data
  • Maintain reliable data protection
  • Produce long-term cost savings
  • Enable fast recovery for minimal interruption after a disaster


Without CTSecure

You are responsible for backing up your data. If you lose your data, recovery may be difficult and costly. Backing up your data is the best thing you can do to protect your office’s data, your patients’ data, and to preserve your paperless environment. Your understanding of the backup process is crucial to a successful backup.

Although ChiroTouch customer support initially setup your scheduled backup of files onto your local server, they are not responsible for taking that second step. This is your responsibility. We strongly encourage that you hire a network professional to handle your backup procedures. Have a qualified IT technician contact Customer Support immediately to create a backup plan.

Backing up your data will only take a few minutes of your time, and it’s worth the effort. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure this is done daily, that is, if you don’t sign up for CTSecure.

ChiroTouch must be installed on a Windows operating system. Although ChiroTouch iPad apps are fully integrated with the ChiroTouch system, the ChiroTouch program is not Mac-compatible. ChiroTouch can be installed on Windows and run on a Mac using Parallels® Desktop for Mac or Boot Camp on a workstation, but we do not support or recommend running ChiroTouch on a Mac server. The main computer or server cannot be a Mac under any circumstance.
Your system must have the latest Microsoft updates installed, including the latest version of Microsoft .NET framework and PowerShell. To learn how to check for updates, go to http://www.update.microsoft.com.
Bar code scanners, card readers, keypads, and signature pads are compatible with ChiroTouch and can be purchased from a separate vendor. Signature pad models ePad® and ePad II™ are supported. NOTE: ePad software version 9.54 is currently the only supported version and is available for download from ChiroTouch. ePad software version 10 is not supported.

Biometric fingerprint scanners are compatible with ChiroTouch on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. NOTE: These devices must be purchased from ChiroTouch. If you are currently using a fingerprint scanner on a 32-bit operating system and you migrate to a 64-bit operating system, you will lose all existing fingerprints in your system and you will have to recapture them in the new environment.

We recommend the highest level of support for your hardware and network. At the very least, look into extended support plans for your server, as it holds all critical information that your ChiroTouch workstations and devices use. A good warranty and extended support plan can save you from days of system downtime.


NOTICE: This page has been formulated for the sole purpose of general specifications only and is not to be used as a final hardware consultation. Every office is different depending on number of computers. Please consult with ChiroTouch’s sales and/or installation department for a personal and final hardware consultation for your specific office details and application.