Insurance Audits—Are You a Target?

Dr. Stuart Hoffman, President of ChiroSecure
Recorded 04/03/2012 View Webinar

Dr. Stuart Hoffman understands the growing needs of the chiropractic community. He has consistently worked to be innovative and expand malpractice coverage as a means to insure doctors with the greatest protection.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • Who is being targeted
  • What auditors are looking for
  • Common claims and how to handle them
  • How to best protect yourself
  • How the right Malpractice Policy can protect you

Having been a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Hoffman consults each doctor on risk management and potential claim issues. His unique position in the chiropractic world has helped protect our doctors from a number of claim issues.

ChiroTouch to Host “Insurance Audits – Are You a Target?” Webinar with Dr. Stuart Hoffman

San Diego, CA – April 2nd, 2012 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, and Dr. Stuart Hoffman, are pleased to announce “Insurance Audits – Are You a Target?” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on April 3rd, 2012 at 11:00am PST. Read more

Growth Essentials—What You Need to Know to Grow Your Practice Today!

Dr. Lee Wood, Founder of One-on-One Chiropractic Coaching
Recorded 03/29/2012 View Webinar

Join Dr. Lee Wood, CEO and founder of One-on-One Chiropractic Coaching, working with hundreds of chiropractors worldwide on new patient attraction, practice management, prosperity consciousness, communication skills and personal growth.

Join Dr. Wood in this live webinar as he shows you the following steps to grow your practice today.

  • Learn how to creating a void, vacuum or space that allows you to attract exactly what you want in your practice.
  • Discover and remove the obstacles holding you back!
  • Develop a system for efficiency to expand your capacity.
  • The key to scheduling – build the patient life around the treatment plan.
  • Coaching your patients to a life time of care.

Dr. Wood has owned, operated and directed a high volume, extremely profitable and multiple-doctor clinic for 26 years.

Managing a Highly Successful Chiropractic Office

Dr. Jay Morgan, Founder of Chiropractic Associates
Recorded 03/13/2012 View Webinar
*Please note that Dr. Morgan’s presentation will be a teleseminar, there is no power point presentation.

With over 26 years of experience, Dr. Jay Morgan is an internationally known and respected chiropractic consultant to over 6,400 offices worldwide. Founder and developer of the chiropractic profession’s first online support program, Dr. Morgan brings full turnkey office support directly to you and provides low-cost, effective office management.

During the teleseminar Dr. Morgan will cover:

  • Running the front desk
  • Patient management
  • Office procedure
  • Patient education
  • Stimulating referral

Keeping More of What You Make

Garrett Gunderson, Founder of Freedom FastTrack
Recorded 03/08/2011 View Webinar

Join Garrett Gunderson as he shows you how to grab the low-hanging dollars that are being lost to taxes, interest, commissions, insurance, and mismanaged cash flow.

If you’re a chiropractor who would like to take home more money from his or her practice (whether that money gets used for vacations, eliminating debt, or for investing and peace of mind), you don’t want to miss Garrett’s webinar.

Mistakes You Make That Limit Your Growth and What You Can Do Now to Accelerate Your Success

Dr. Shawn Powers, Founder of Power Source Coaching

Recorded 2/28/2012 View Webinar

Join Dr. Shawn Powers, founder of Power Source Coaching and internationally recognized authority on personal and professional success. Dr. Powers is an expert in helping chiropractors create a thriving family wellness practice.

During this webinar you will gain insight and direction that will help you stop limiting your growth and success. This webinar will teach you the necessary mindset, strategies and the “how to’s” to grow your practice. If you want more new people, improved retention, and a stronger and effective team in a low stress family practice, let Dr. Powers challenge you to swiftly enhance your personal empowerment, communication, and practice development.

How to Create Cash Plans That Patients Say Yes To

Dr. Miles Bodzin – Founder & CEO of Cash Practice, Inc.

Recorded 2/21/2012 View Webinar

Learn from Dr. Miles Bodzin, the master of all things cash, as he reveals the easy steps to presenting cash plans that you will not only feel confident about, but more importantly will help you have greater success in converting new patients into lifetime practice members. No scare tactics or robotic scripts—just simple communication points to incorporate into what you are already doing.

The best part is you will walk away with immediate value whether you are an all cash-based practice or accept insurance.

Join Dr. Miles Bodzin, Founder and CEO of Cash Practice and get ready to grow in 2012!

Dr. Gay Exposes All!

Dr. Timothy Gay Ultimate Practice
Recorded  2/16/2012 View Webinar

Leaking money? Let Dr. Gay show you ways tie up those loose ends. Gain valuable updates on the very latest and effective procedures and methods to make your practice the obvious choice in today’s market.

Dr. Timothy J. Gay is a thirty-plus year veteran of chiropractic and founder of Ultimate Practice. He is a highly acclaimed international speaker and author recognized for his motivational presentations on practice enhancement.

Objective Proof of Whiplash Injuries with Game Changing Soft Tissue MRI

Recorded 2/07/2012 View Webinar
Join Dr. Jonathan Walker, President of PI Marketing Elite as he walks you through exciting imaging findings showing concrete proof of “soft tissue injuries on an MRI”, which has transformed his practice.

Imagine the effect this could have with attorneys in your area, and how you’ll be able to establish yourself as the local expert in spinal ligament injury? Dr. Walker has seen this change his practice in the last several years, and has been able to share this with doctors all over the country as part of his PI Market Elite program.

What you’ll learn:

  • A cutting-edge MRI technique (which can be done in virtually every area in the U.S.) that shows ligament tears in the cervical spine
  • The research behind this, published in numerous medical journals
  • How to easily interpret these studies and their clinical significance, even if you’ve never read an MRI in your life
  • Ways to effectively communicate this knowledge with PI attorneys and forever change how they view soft tissue injuries
  • A traumatic brain injury finding present in a huge percentage of your whiplash patients that can be seen on these types of scans

Plus, those who attend will receive a free copy of Dr. Walker’s e-book, “17 Point PI Practice Checklist: Top Insider Secrets Of Million Dollar PI Practices”.

The Maven Interviews the Godfather

With Dr. Brad Glowaki (The New Patient Maven) & Dr. Billy DeMoss (The Godfather, California Jam)

Recorded 8/16/2011 Audio Recording
*Please note this is a tele-conference,
there are no visuals.

Are you telling “the story” unbridled to the masses in your community? These topics and methods will change the paradigm in your town and change the lives of those that will listen. Hear the methods currently utilized in one of the most competitive areas in Southern California, that will generate massive amounts of new people to your practice.

What you will learn:

  • Getting on fire to stoke your practice for maximum growth
  • Chiropractic schools that rock the TIC
  • How to have fun and see volume
  • Lessons from being “in the game”
  • Why old school philosophy is the face of the future