Turn on Your TEAM’S External Marketing Power!

Heidi Farrell – CEO and Founder of Chiro Advance Services
Recorded 8/30/2012 View Webinar

As the fall rolls around, so does the workforce! It’s time we come together as a TEAM with a PLAN for our community outreach! Acquisition is easy when you create momentum.

  • What are you focusing on this fall?
  • What’s going to create your momentum?

Join Heidi Farrell as she shares the top easy ideas to attract NP’s but get out of your office! (Plus a few ways to leverage your practice members to get you out!) Heidi Farrell is a master when it comes to communicating life principles for success! She is the CEO and Founder of Chiro Advance Services, a personalized management company that helps chiropractic teams advance toward their vision of success by helping them apply the principles of a subluxation, family-focused, and predominantly cash-based practice, founded entirely on a philosophy of wellness.

Keeping Your CA’s Inspired, Motivated, and Focused on Connecting before Collecting

Dr. Marc Gottlieb – Legacy Practice Solutions
Recorded 08/21/2012 View Webinar

Dr. Marc Gottlieb, co-founder of Legacy Practice Solutions, is a passionate advocate of chiropractic care, a balanced life, and community outreach. He is one of San Diego Magazine’s Top Doctors in chiropractic and respected as one of the top chiropractors in the State of California and the country. He also serves 650 to 700 office visits per week with just 18 hours of adjusting.

Join Dr. Marc in this live webinar as he shows you:

  • How to keep staff motivated
  • Ways to handle staff problems
  • The importance of team chemistry
  • Ways to reward your staff to keep goals in vision
  • The importance of celebrating team victories and setting new standards
  • Crucial ways to communicate with different CA’s and their personalities

Become a Better Investor

Garrett Gunderson, Founder of Freedom FastTrack
Recorded 03/08/2011 View Webinar

Join us with Garrett Gunderson for this “how to” webinar and learn the best way to recover fees, stay aligned with your passion, purpose, and knowledge, and discover exactly where to put your money. Uncover the truth about risky, hyped, and under-performing IRA’s, 401k’s, and qualified plans that you may currently be investing in.

This is a webinar you won’t want to miss!

The Path to Practice Profitability

Dr. Bob Hoffman, CEO of The Masters Circle
Recorded 8/07/2012 View Webinar

In this powerful and practical class, we will define and discuss the 10 essential actions necessary for dramatic growth in practice profitability. You will discover why most practices are failing to express their full financial potential and learn how to transform your practice by shifting your focus on the things that always stimulate growth and profitability.

Learn how to make the important shift from being busy to becoming outrageously productive as you master the 10 rules of profitability. In this engaging class, you will discover how to combine your passion to bring chiropractic to your community with sound business principles to maximize your practice profit and value. This is an essential class for those interested in sustainable growth, effective systems, consistent expansion and improved collections.

The Art of Responsibility

Dr. Gilles LaMarche
Recorded 7/31/2012 View Webinar

In this session Dr. LaMarche will expose you to concepts that will help you discover the important attributes to becoming a healthcare leader. You will leave with knowledge and strategies to acquire these important attributes. By doing so, you will be seen as a healthcare leader, therefore attracting more new patients to your office, making a difference to the health of everyone you touch.

Dr. Gilles LaMarche is a passionate chiropractor who practiced for 25 years in Northern Ontario and an avid student of the psychology and philosophy of success for more than 30 years. He has spoken around the globe and is the author and co-author of more than nine books, and he ran Parker Seminars for the past 6 years.

Success in 2012

Dr. Brian Kelly –
President of Life Chiropractic College West
Recorded 7/24/2012 View Webinar

Dr. Brian will share the 5 keys to a successful practice and discuss the following:

  • What are the trends?
  • What have successful chiropractors and practices been doing?
  • And what can I do today, to have a better practice?

This is a must-listen webinar for both DC’s and your team.

Following his appointment as President of Life Chiropractic College West 18 months ago, Dr. Brian Kelly has been very busy. He has traveled some 300,000 miles, meeting chiropractors from South America to Norway to Canada and the USA.

The Ultimate BE™

Dr. Eric Plasker – The Family Practice
Recorded 7/12/2012 View Webinar

The world is in desperate need of new health care leadership. Will you BE the one? When your personal BE is at its best, and it is aligned with your practice BE, you will experience the power of The Ultimate BE. Your community will be attracted to your practice like never before, and you will be more fulfilled in your practice and life.

These three very specific exercises that Dr. Plasker will review with you and your team will have an immediate and lasting impact.

Dr. Eric Plasker is the founder and CEO of The Family Practice where, for more than a decade, they have been helping chiropractors build some of the most successful practices in the world. The Family Practice attracts chiropractors who are committed to being health care leaders and reaching their goals while delivering a unified branded message for chiropractic.

Generating 100’s of New Patients

Dr. Joe Borio – Chiropassion Consulting
Recorded 6/26/2012 View Webinar

Join us for an event that may change the way you practice forever! Learn from Dr. Joe Borio, one of the highest volume practicing coaches out there, on how to generate more new patients in a month than some doctors adjust in a week!

Dr. Joe started Chiropassion Consulting ten years ago in an effort to help other chiropractors and their teams reach their highest level of service possible. Dr. Joe practices as he coaches his clients; with passion and hard work; he cares as much about the practices he oversees as his own.

Communicating Value So Patients Pay, Stay & Refer

Dr. David Jackson, Epic Practice
Recorded 6/21/2012 View Recording

Join Dr. David Jackson as he shows you proven strategies to help you master the art of communicating value.

On this webinar we will dig into each of them:

  • ETC (Entering the Conversation)
  • The Deep Dig (what have they lost)
  • The Verbal Cry (cause brought to surface)
  • The Challenge (beliefs = behaviors)
  • The Obvious Solution (brilliant simplicity)
  • Face Down (‘I’m ready Doc”)

At the end of this webinar you will have the tools to immediately attract and convert more patients without sleazy sales tactics, manipulation or scare-care.

Over 20 years in practice and a speaker to tens of thousands of chiropractors around the world, we are excited have Dr. Jackson share his experience with us. Join Dr. Jackson and get ready to be inspired.

Attesting for the Stimulus in 2012

Recorded 6/14/2012 View Recording

Hear from actual ChiroTouch users about what they have already received for their stimulus in 2011, and the new tools we have in place to make it even easier.

Join the live webinar and find out:

  • If you are eligible for stimulus funds
  • What steps you need to take to qualify for these funds & how much you are eligible for
  • What your EHR system needs to provide
  • Q&A with clinics that have already attested
  • What latest developments have been made