Dr. Miles Bodzin

Reduce Your Dependence on Insurance Today!

Dr. Miles Bodzin – Founder & CEO of Cash Practice Inc.
Recorded 9/13/2012 View Webinar

It’s no surprise to anyone in chiropractic today—insurance reimbursements are getting worse, deductibles are skyrocketing, and patients’ co-pays are increasing. No matter how you look at it, patients are financially responsible for more out of their own pockets than ever before. How is your practice handling this dramatic change in our profession? Do you have the effective tools and strategies in place to accept more cash from your patients?

Join Dr. Miles Bodzin, CEO of Cash Practice, Inc., as he unveils some of the challenges facing our profession and the most effective tools and strategies to make your business grow now! To survive in practice today, you must be ready to ask and collect more cash from your patients.

Get ready to grow in 2012!

How to Create Cash Plans That Patients Say Yes To

Dr. Miles Bodzin – Founder & CEO of Cash Practice, Inc.

Recorded 2/21/2012 View Webinar

Learn from Dr. Miles Bodzin, the master of all things cash, as he reveals the easy steps to presenting cash plans that you will not only feel confident about, but more importantly will help you have greater success in converting new patients into lifetime practice members. No scare tactics or robotic scripts—just simple communication points to incorporate into what you are already doing.

The best part is you will walk away with immediate value whether you are an all cash-based practice or accept insurance.

Join Dr. Miles Bodzin, Founder and CEO of Cash Practice and get ready to grow in 2012!

5 Secrets to Increasing Cash Collections

Dr. Miles Bodzin – Founder & CEO of Cash Practice, Inc.

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