Our Team

While many companies will talk about their “team” in terms of their executive staff and employees, we see things a bit differently. We view our clients, affiliates, industry leaders, and practice management consultants as an integral part of the ChiroTouch team. The collaborative, inclusive approach we’ve taken that extends beyond the office walls has resulted in ChiroTouch emerging as the most community-connected total practice management solution the industry has ever seen.

Our in-office team is a revolution of its own. The combination of specialized skills from across the country, chiropractic experience, unsurpassed camaraderie, and a shared interest in our community and our clients has created a world-class team with unified customer support, innovative ideas, and targeted insight. What does this interconnectivity and total community approach deliver to you?

Our clients can harness all that the chiropractic community has to offer and gain more time for their families, patients, and staff; reduced stress and paperwork; vastly improved accuracy; and see a measurable, solid increase in profitability.

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