Hailey McCord – CA

“And I think that I really enjoy just the amount of time that it has freed me up. To be able to do other things here in the office; and spend more time with patients. I don’t have to do a lot of time searching or looking though files. Or filing away a lot of extra paperwork. So I think all in all ChiroTouch has been a great thing for our office here. And it’s just a real easy program to work with.”

Dr. Barry Burak

…”it’s the best program we found. And it’s so user friendly, especially for our doc’s and our therapists’. They find that they can do the notesthey can put everything into the computer, and it works fabulously. And when we need stuff, it pulls it up and does the job.”

Dr. Allen Garcia

“If I get a call on a patient by the front desk asking a question, I can pull up the exact same information that they can. Instead of having the notes, the medical records separate from the billing and the appointments; it’s all on the exact same program. So anybody can find that information on a patient, whether; I can find out whether a patient come in, weather a bills been paid on a patient.”

Ashley Solana – CA

“Billing has become fifty time easier, HICFA’s; you can just click a button and there you are. The codes are so much easier to read. When the insurance companies call you, you have everything at hand.”

Dr. Viki Resler

“It’s (ChiroTouch) also dramatically increased our ability to provide really, really good notes, we just had Blue Cross, Blue Shield in our office auditing us. And we were able to come out of that audit with her saying, “Oh My Gosh! This is the best record keeping we have ever seen.” It’s all because of the ChiroTouch program, because before with three doctors and multiple people documenting all the time, the consistency was low, and now it’s much better.”